Behind the Edit: After Midnight (Cutting Room Floor Edition)

As most photographers will tell you, a photographer is only as good as their edit. Len Jenshel and Diane Cook are two of America’s foremost landscape photographers and know that even after shooting for days, months, or years, only a handful of images are ever published or shown to the public. Inspired by their own love of shooting at night, they took on the role of editors for the After Midnight assignment. They wanted it to feel like a true National Geographic magazine assignment with a specific theme and the pressure of getting the shot in a certain time frame. The below images either didn’t work within the layout or didn’t fit into the assignment constraints. However, these images stayed with them and as they stated in their story text, they promised to show some of their favorites here. 

Photograph by Kristal Leonard

Photograph by Ly Hoang Long

Photograph by Maurice Lepetit

Photograph by Eric Wong

Photograph by Shayne Skower

Photograph by Caspar L.

Photograph by Andrea Jako Giacomini

Photograph by Ivan Castro

Photograph by Andrew Y.

Photograph by Jeff Berkes

Photograph by Marc Ressang

Photograph by Igal Pronin

Photograph by Spencer Black

Photograph by Jared Jennings

Photograph by Rob Dickinson

Photograph by Jamen Percy