Monday 18th April 2017.

I had a course on assertiveness and so i had to leave the safety of my home.
I wasn’t too stable on my feet and so i had to use my stick. However I didn’t shy away I rocked it and I was feeling myself and I have decided that its ok to be punk rock. Emo. Goth. A bit girly. And disabled.

This stick doesn’t define me.

At first I was a little annoyed that my tights had started to rip but I’m getting “sprinter” legs so it’s okay. They look kind of grunge-y. :D If my hips look weird, it’s the scoliosis.

About a week and a half ago I wore this and remembered that @sparkly-arts recently bought a pink floral outfit with a black background and I tried to plan a 2018 Easter card. 

Me: “Taylor, we need to get people we know to wear stuff like this so we can be a social club.”

Taylor: “Yes, I agree 110%.”

Me: “We shall all wear white rabbit masks and pose around ominously.”

Taylor: “I think that might be a little much.”


1. Hi, I had a really busy day and now it’s time to crash. 

2. I have finally mastered the art of the kawaii face :3


ASOS skort   //  Old Topshop blouse  //  Vila jumper  // Ancient Tabio tights from 5 winters ago which are still going strong, wonder of wonders  //  Hologram monk shoes bequeathed, again, by Marie ❤