This took me a lot of effort but it was pretty damn fun to make. Dude, I love this. OHH GOODD

i’m soooo tired of seeing the same females used for twitter rp, so under the cut are 185 underused/never been used before female fcs for twitter rp. to my knowledge, all of them are of age and have 10k+ followers on instagram. if someone doesn’t meet either of those or doesn’t want to be roleplayed, pls lmk so i can update the list ! also please reblog and like if you found this helpful.

edit: as per request, if you now click on the name, u will be redirected to their instagrams !

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Another week is soon to pass, and with friday I bring another pack of custom content. As last week, this too is a set of hairconversions. I have some upcoming clothing for later. Each conversion is retextured, and contain the same set of eleven binned colors. Swatch is included.

Anto “thorns” hair for both genders, all ages. High quality mesh, no clipping issues. 

Leahlillith “afterglow” and “wild night” for female, ages from child to elder.

Leahlillith “shine” hair for both genders, ages from child to elder. This is an edited version of the original mesh, as I chose to remove the spikes from its hairband. I was considering both options, but the majority of you preferred the spikeless mesh. 


             and I was in the
                                d  a  r  k  n  e  s  s

                      So   d a r k n e s s
    b  e  c  a  m  e ;;

DARKNESS + [listen] » a fanmix for every sensual, complicated, evil and dark queens out there —  thought with katherine pierce in mind.

     01. kill of the night — gin wigmore.
     02. i know what i am — band of skulls.
     03. miss jackson — panic! at the disco.
     04. guillotine — yadi.
     05. seven devils — florence + the machine.
     06. bones — ms mr. 
     07. dark doo wop — ms mr.
     08. eyes on fire — blue foundation.
     09. get some — likke li.
     10. white collar whiskey — emily wolfe.
     11. she’s a blast — beautiful bodies.
     12. kill me — the pretty reckless.
     13. high voltage queen — ghinzu.
     14. yeah yeah yeahs — sacrilege.
     15. sail (dubstep rmx) — skorge.

action. fighting. solidarity. unity. : Songs of the revolutionaries. 
In memorandum: those lost to StrexCorp and those that will be lost. 

This is for you.  

Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti; Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons; Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons; F**k You - Ceelo Green; Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille; War - Edwin Starr; Take Everything - Greg Laswell; We Can Make The World Stop - The Glitch Mob; We’re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister; 99 Red Balloons - Nena; Battles - Hudson Taylor; Sail - Skorge Remix; After The Storm - Mumford and Sons; Comes and Goes (In Waves) - Greg Laswell; We Are Okay - Joshua Radin; Don’t Let Go Yet - David Roch;