skopje earthquake

It’s quite funny how the earthquakes in every single country around the world are getting noticed and signal boosted, but no one gives a flying fuck about Macedonia and the fact that it’s constantly shaking for two damn days in a row.

Earthquakes varying from 2,9 to 5,3 on the Richter scale are tormenting the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje, for two days straight, but who gives a damn about people on the Balkan, right?


The actual project by Slovenian Architects in ‘Biro 77’ for Skopje’s Cultural Center including a 
А - State High School of Music and Ballet(Independent project, completed),

Б - Bank(Independent project, completed),

В - Philharmonic Hall,

Г - Opera & Ballet House*,

Д - Cinema,

Ѓ - Stores,

*Note - The only building from the project that was completed in 1979.