so it’s apparent that ben hagarty was born to be famous.

he owned the crowd.  seriously, just insane.

so proud to have gone to HS with him haha :)

also, nate did me proud - what a good dj.  plus he’s adorable

i miss that kid like crazy.  we worked together part of last year

and he DJ’d the halloween party i helped hope throw :)

they came back to my apt and nate managed to spill THE darkest beer on my carpet

but it’s all good haha it cleaned up pretty okay.

what a great night.

and when they dedicated a track to taylor, my heart broke a little.

brittany is so affected by this thing.  i am too.  our whole town is forever changed.

my post-work conversations always begin with brittany and i asking each other “so did you read the latest entry?!”  i can imagine both our faces when we read that taylor got a wheelchair he could maneuver.  so fucking excited for him.  fun to talk to shaheed about him and know things would eventually be okay, even if the road is going to be long.

loved last night - music, friends, a couple beers, and sean stayed over too :).

oh sidenote, hoodie allen put on a great show too!  great night :)