skool looks'


GZLY day 9.

Mel makes an appearance with style…?

Well his is my idea i guess lel


Wait what.
To be honest, i have this sketch of 2 other pages which are actually extras which are supposed to be funny?

Maybe yea maybe not.

Why dont you tell me if you wanna see them and i’ll think about it? Plus its just a sketch, not actually cleaned up and sheet XDDDD
mkay im done

GZLY challenge by @anrez-op-skele

GZTALE by @golzy

Another video of Neymar and Rafinha attending the game against Deportivo [12/12/’15]

Neymar and Rafinha are having great time in the stand of Camp Nou. They make photos ‘Barça match with my bro’.

Rafinha discuss the match and even make bets. Ney is safe about who is going to win and takes a piece of gum.

Neymar is yawning while Rafinha’s talking gets interrupted by Barça’s first goal.

The second half Neymar arrives with his coffee and Rafinha brings the sugar.

A photo? Why not? But what is this? What a weird telephone… Here you go sir, your phone! You’re going to freak/flip out Instagram (with it).

The second of Barça and it seems done. More laughter and applause from the two. (…)

La p*ta… Ok, what do you have here? But Ney does not want one more (goal) and the Brazilian starts to get nervous and even starts to protest the referees decisions. (much to Rafa’s amusement)

Translated a great part of the video, but some things I couldn’t understand.


Whoโ€™s That Vans Girl?: @morganewaquez

Based on the breathtaking backdrops of her photos, youโ€™d think Morgane Waquez has never thought twice about leaving her home in the South of France. But the 22 year old dreams of visiting none other than The Golden State as soon as possible. With her love of photography and lust for adventure, she craves to see a lot more of the world. We got to know Morgane a little better and found out all the plans this French beauty has for the future.

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how most ppl seem to draw whitewing & birchfall: whitewing is smaller, maybe a little floofier, but is small and dainty, meanwhile birchfall is taller and muscular and always has a ‘2 kool 4 skool’ look on his face

how they SHOULD be: whitewing is taller and a bit more muscled, she has her dads floofy fur but she’s still tall and has her mothers broad shoulders. birchfall is much shorter and has ferncloud’s fluffy, chubby body and he’s usually always smiling.