skommy  asked:

Do you actually do all your own editing? Bravo. I have an amazing ability to never, ever, catch my own typos. Many a friend of mine has been forced to do too many read throughs to still be considered reasonable. Truth is the longer you stare at something you've created, the more it is going to look like a pile of poo - it just comes with caring too much about it. You're a wonderful writer and I'm sure this chapter will stun like the rest.

LASKDJALjsasdlajk d’awwwwwwwwww
Thank you so much!

And yes, I do edit all my own stuff repeatedly. I sometimes (as often as I feel I can press them into it) have close friends proof-read. My sister proof-read all of HFoD like a CHAMPION. But I know myself, and I know I need feedback straight away because my writing flaws gnaw away at me until they’re resolved.

This does mean I end up missing some typos here and there, so I’m always grateful when you guys forgive me for them.