skokie swift


(via The Skokie Swift | CTA Skokie Swift “Jitterbug” 53 is runnin… | Flickr)

Caption: “CTA Skokie Swift ‘Jitterbug’ 53 is running under the old North Shore catenary on its southbound trip at Main Street in Skokie.”

January 1985

Photo by Lou Gerard


(via CTA 52 Oakton Curve 3 8-1-85 | CTA “Jitterbug” 52 in former … | Flickr)

Caption: “CTA ‘Jitterbug’ 52 in former North Shore Line territory - Oakton curve in Skokie, 8-1-85. Taken just as the car had zipped by me this shot gives a good view of the unique bow trolleys that CTA employed on the Skokie Swift. They were comprised of two ordinary trolley pole bases and poles with a pantograph shoe across the top. An air foil was added to help keep the shoe against the wire at higher speeds. Unlike a trolley pole, the bow trolley could be raised and lowered automatically, facilitating the use of one man cars.”

Skokie, Illinois

August 1, 1985

Photo by John Smatlak