A short guide by skogsraw on how to climb down a small mountain.

A while back Linn found something she could climb. So she gave me her camera and started to climb. Who could possibly resist a small mountain in the middle of Stockholm? The photos I took turned out pretty great. At least I think so.  I’m no expert but it was a lot of fun. :)

And now you know how to get down if you don’t know how! The last bit is always the toughest. But if you dare to jump, you can achieve wonders!

Video is on the “ BCTR” method ( this is the first post I’ve seen using the term “BCTR”)

I do apologize if there is any typing errors , I suck at typing . You have been warned 

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This is what my dreads looked like right after backcombing my first set ..They were poofy ,not solid at all and looked like a hot mess , Pretty much like most dreads. 

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As seen here… after about about a week , my hair had become loose and pretty much lost most of its backcombing . Which I was told was normal and it is. 

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I became so frustrated that my hair had fallen out and I pretty much looked like I had uncombed hair that I T & R the bottoms of my hair.  From there things got “better”

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One month month in My hair looked less like a rats nest and more like my dreads were moving along ,  At this point i noticed that my hair was taking on a neglected look , which for some people is great , I wasnt really happy about this because  I wanted a little more neater dread look…which I know I could have with little maintenance because I have seen it. 

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Although the dreads that I had the first time…were beautiful by standards ( specially for those who like the neglected look )  I wasnt happy with them. Since my hair wasnt tightly dreaded and left to pretty much lock up as normal hair , the loose hairs and the looping and the shrinking just happened so fast . Which again to dread heads every where this is normal and you’re pretty lucky if it happens in a fast fashion.  I wasnt happy with this look… I liked the neater dreads and I know that you have to put loads of work into them  for them to look that way , but some times thats not the case….I will show you what i mean. 

These are my all time Favorite dreads on the web..  Lets be clear I don't own these pictures and I did not take them …They all belong to  shes lovely , go follow her…. ANY WAY …. She has said that she has pretty much done nothing to her hair , some one maintenance it a few times over the years , but other then that …nothing….So I figured that it must have to be the style of dreading she used . I know sometimes it has a lot to do with the way your dreads turn out .

 So I watched and watched her posts and she answered a question about what method of dreading she used…Her answer was that her friend did both backcombing and T and R . I was like “hmm” So when i started my second set of dreads……This is is what I used…. Which is what is in the video I have made . Lets for the sake of things dub this the BCTR Method.  I have don't  rows in my hair a few weeks at a time….and have watch the older dreads as i put newer ones it. The video has  the last row in it. With the “BCTR” method ….my hair did loosen a little bit but as held its shape. My oldest row of dreads are a little over a month and with that…the frizzy’s  happened …but not as bad as just normal backcombing or T&R …..The dread its self is much more solid ….and all together  LOOKS like you have dreads…Not just messy uncombed hair lol . 

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The oldest of the whole head. 

Another thing I want to touch on is SECTIONING , sectioning is so important to the shape of your dreads , also in separation your sections are easy to find and it helps with not having open spots where you can see your scalp. Last set I just grabbed where ever. This time I did  1x1 inch sections a few smaller in the front of my face do to my hair line…But for the most part 1x1 sections. I feel like dread blogs don't and didn't really help me when it came to the types of things I’m talking about ( mixing method / not sectioning , they mostly all touch on that ). I couldn't figure out why some people had nicer more developed looking locks after putting them in…. specially since they don't really talk about mixing methods . I hope this helps you , because it took me a whole 6 months  , whole week of brushing dreads out…. 3 months of not having dreads and a whole month of dreading my hair slowly to watch the starting process …to figure this out. lol 

Feel free to ask any questions , I will post monthly photos of my hair. To see if this “theory” pans out. 

I hope it does…because it could really help a lot of you. 

P.s With this method …my hair stayed the same length! 

My hair before ( My grandmother and I ) 

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Hair After