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emily i literally saved the art to my phone dw i wont repost it bc i dont even have any phan accounts i would just like to look at it a lot. is it ok if i set it as my home screen on my phone?? i dont want to do that if it makes u uncomfy idk i just like it a lot. i really like your blog and essence and stuff and the pictures that really well in addition to dan being gay as heck and i just idk. thanks for bein alive

skjdg yes ofc you can :“)

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did you see lukes message to smallzy skjdg i love him so much, he cute and hot but he's losing his accent which is sad

omg yes 😭 what a babe! Smallzy doesn’t deserve that 😤 I think he’s still got more of his accent than the other boys! I’m sure we’ll hear a massive difference when he’s back home tbfh