They've found us....

I’m frequently asked if Marvel knows about The Hawkeye Initiative, and if so what is their opinion?

While their opinion is yet undetermined, it’s safe to say that the archer is out of the bag. In the recent update of the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance, our favorite Hawkguy got a new upgrade:

An anonymous emailer writes:

Mostly I’m sad that it doesn’t make the Hawkeye character adopt some of the silly poses his female counterparts have in the game.

While @lilith210 adds:

Unfortunately, this ability is not the ability to fight crime in an outfit that no person should ever fight crime in.  Still, I thought it was cool and it does seem pretty intentional.

All-in-all it’s pretty damn awesome and appreciated tip of the hat from Marvel. Not very often do major publishers and creators recognize “the little guy”– particularly little guys who can be rather critical of the big guy’s work.

Thanks goes to Marvel, the person who created “Hawkeye’s Initiative”, and whoever at Avenger’s Alliance approved Hawkeye’s new upgrade.

Also, thanks to all the THI fans who emailed and messaged info about this. Y'all are the best, and without your contributions there would be no THI. Literally.
Thanks for making all this happen. :-D


Edited to add:
“Am I missing something? Where is the "tip of the hat” in that Hawkeye option?“  

towerinshiningarmor  asked:

Am I missing something? Where is the "tip of the hat" in that hawkeye option?

The way I see it, by naming Barton’s new upgrade “Hawkeye’s Initiative”, they’re recognizing the existence of THI. And it’s a tip of the hat, a casual recognition, that (to me) doesn’t imply approval or disapproval. Simply a, “Hey, we see you there.”

And maybe being acknowledged means that all of this is more than just a meme, but another step towards The Powers That Be™ recognizing the problems in comics and moving to remedy them.
That’s just my optimistic angle. :)

rocknrao-blog  asked:

How did you decide upon Hawkeye? Also, have you read the current series, written by Matt Fraction?

rocknrao asked thehawkeyeinitiative:

How did you decide upon Hawkeye? Also, have you read the current series, written by Matt Fraction?

Thanks for the question, Rock! :)
I actually didn’t decide on Hawkeye; the full story is available in the THI FAQ, but the short answer is that the original artists Gingerhaze and Blue thought of using him.

I’ve started on Fraction’s Hawkeye– and absolutely love it! They’re all sitting in my Comixology queue, waiting for when I have a “quiet” evening to catch up. I’ll probably post a review & comments on my wordpress or tumblr when I’m done.

yupyupyupitsagun asked:

The D is silent?

 It’s not exactly silent… more of a vague implication of a hard consonant…

illustratedjai said:

My poor memory of my linguistics classes tells me it’s called a ‘stop’. You stop the sound coming out, usually with the tongue to the roof of the mouth, which can be interpreted as a consonantal sound, but which is actually a lack of sound.

Exactly. A much better explanation that I could give– thanks!