Sketch Wizzle Con 2015 !!!

The Sketch Wizzle Con is a annual meeting of illustrators inside of an old transformed train station called Utopiastadt in Wuppertal. About 60 illustrators draw, talk, sing, wizzle, drink so much as they can, on this summer weekend. :)

It is always a great and inspiring time every year. I meet every year new cool people who share the same passion as I do. Thank you to all of you and of course, thank you to the dudes and duderellas I’ve already known.

Here is my almost uncensored output of this year:

Skizzenfestival 2014

From September 15th to 21st, the SKIZZEN Festival took place in Weimar for the 1st time. A great chance to meet many exciting people with the same passion like mine - drawing. Originally founded in Stralsund by Sylvain Mazas in 2008 the festival has been developed to be a networking space for exchange and excercise within the Sketching Community in Germany - and beyond.

Just a couple of months ago our friend, childrens book illustrator Alexander von Knorre came along with the idea to carry forward the tradition and bring the festival to our hometown.
This was actually done by a loose, Weimar-based association of creatives and illustrators such as Olivia Vieweg, Rosa Linke, Nicola Siebert, Nils Volkmann, Sandra Bach and me.

A lot of non-profit free-time-work in planning and organizing for all of us but great fun after all. The Festival was a complete success and we are all happy now.

I loved the inspirational atmosphere during these days and whenever I found the time I have been drawing some stuff.

Here are a few chosen skribbles I’ve made at the time:

A portrait of Johannes ‘Beetlebum’ Kretzschmar. That was the only portrait drawing I’ve made on the festival.

Lots of sheeps and some goats spotted at the 'Ilmpark’:


The vehicle of our nude model: An old Simson motorcycle with sidecar. It is a real oldtimer from 1959.

Some wired things happen …drawn at a pub in the evening. I was quite drunk.

A try of a serious bottle label design realized with Window Color during Sandra’s great Workshop. I wrote 'Cthulhu’ intentionally incorrect because of a possible licensing. :D

… viele Platten in Halle Neustadt. Das sind Eindrücke vom Skizzenfestival in Halle/Saale, das letzte Woche stattfand. Abends gab es auch einen Stempelworkshop – passte ganz prima zu den Platten fand ich…