Also: how do I tell Tumblr that I’m not, in fact, a “fan” of H.P. Lovecraft or even of his work as such, and that since reading one story in particular I’m skivved out by uncritical Lovecraft fans forevermore? 


It’s not that you liked Liam like that, it’s just that you missed him as a friend. Seriously, this was the third time this week he has canceled on you; not even kidding, three times in one week.

You and Liam were (or is it used to be now) best friends before he started dating Hayden. Now his head was so far up her ass he can’t smell her shit anymore.

Worse part was that you couldn’t even blame any on it on Hayden, no she was as sweet as extra sugary sugar, and you had heard her telling Liam she needed to spend time with her friends and give her some space.

It was Liam that was following her like a needy puppy. It was honestly kinda gross watching your best friend who was once hard hardheadedly independent become this shell of a human whose everything revolved around a girl.

It had been like this for almost a month, even the oh so patient Mason was getting a bit skivved with the lacrosse player.

Today though was going to be different though, you were turning sixteen, the sweet sixteen. You had declined your parents offer for a big huge blowout party, because you just wanted to hang out with a few friends, and Liam was one of those friends.

 So you sent a prayer up to the heavens before approaching the couple in the hallway.

‘Dun Dun Duuunn! It’s me, the birthday girl and I have decided to bless you with my presence.’ you said theatrically.

Liam smiled and gave you a quick hug.

‘Happy Birthday (Y/N).’ Liam smiled.

‘That’s not what anyone wants to hear you said holding out your hand.

‘Birthday money, of course.’ Liam sighed with a smile as he pulled out a wallet and gave you a twenty dollar bill.

You gave Hayden as expectant look as well, you weren’t friends really but by association to Liam she had to give birthday money as well.

‘Oh right, me too I guess.’ Hayden said handing me ten bucks.

‘Man I love birthdays.’ you smiled as you pocketed the money.

‘So I got my parents to let me have the house to myself. I was thinking you me and Mason could gets some junk food, order some pizza and Chinese, play some violent video games.’ you said, preparing for him to say no and already preparing a fuck you speech in your head.

‘Yeah totally.’ Liam smiled.

‘You fuc- wait did you actually say yes?’ you said dumbly.

‘Yeah, did you think I’d say no?’ Liam asked with a smile.

‘Wouldn’t be the first time you ditched plans, kinda why I waited til the day of to ask you so you couldn’t say yes then call and say something Hayden related came up.’ you said honestly.

Both of them looked both shocked by my bluntness and Liam looked ashamed of himself.

‘I haven’t done it that many times.’ Liam mumbled.

‘You cancelled three movie nights because you said Hayden was sleep on your shoulder, made me and Mason miss two movie screenings waiting for you only to call and say you were at a different theater watching it with Hayden. My favorite was when Mason was on that bad date and needed you to bail him out and play jealous ex boyfriend and drag him away, but you were at her place so I had to play homophobic sister in law  catching him on the date.’ you said, listing all Liam’s ditches out on the table.

‘Man, that sounds bad.’ Hayden winced for Liam.

‘I am so sorry, I didn’t even realize I was doing it that often.’ Liam apologized.

‘I forgive you man.’ you smiled.

‘Awesome, now what about Mason?’ Liam asked.

‘I’ll put in a good word for you-’

‘Thanks.’ Liam said cutting you off.

‘-for another twenty bucks.’ you finished.

‘I just gave you twenty buck.’ Liam whined as he gave you another twenty.

‘That was mandatory birthday money, this twenty is for me helping you get back on Mason’s good side.’ you grinned.

‘So what are you gonna tell Mason?’ Liam asked.

‘Oh he wasn’t mad at you, in fact he thought I did such a good job bailing him out of that date I’m his official flight attendant. But thanks for the extra twenty though.’ you smirked before running down the hall.

‘(Y/N)! Get back here give me my twenty bucks back!’ Liam yelled as he chased you through the halls.

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Klaine Advent Day 2 - Broadway

AKA Hamilton Day to us Klainers, apparently. ;)

Kurt sat stock-still in his plush seat, so caught up in his own swirling thoughts that he wasn’t aware of anything else in the theater.

At least, not until he felt a gentle hand dabbing a handkerchief under his eyes.

“Kurt?” Blaine asked quietly, relinquishing the hankie to Kurt when he reached for it.

“Sorry, I’m back,” Kurt said, blinking away his last few tears. “Jesus, I didn’t expect a show about Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton to make me this introspective and emotional.”

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Fic: Change of Plans

@skivvysupreme: you should write something angsty about Kurt having to deal with St. Berry being together.

me: What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK - Okay.

Grab your tissues and direct all complaints to skiv. ~1725 words, PG-13, I’m sorry.

It was Elliott’s birthday party, of all things, that made Kurt snap. The whole gang was together - the friends formerly known as One Three Hill, Blaine, Santana and Brittany, Sam and Mercedes (though not SamAndMercedes this month) and Rachel and-


Jesus Christ, Kurt, you can’t even think the guy’s name? Kurt berated himself mentally, scowling from a corner of Elliott’s living room. He’d gone off by himself for a moment to recharge and enjoy a piece of the fantastic devil’s food birthday cake Dani had bought when he’d caught a glimpse of Rachel talking wildly with her hands to Mercedes in his peripheral vision. She was standing only inches from Jesse while she barreled on, somehow not hitting him in the chest every time she made a point. Jesse, meanwhile, was looking at Rachel with a fondness Kurt had only previously seen on one other guy.


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