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Skiving ! Potentially a very arduous process for many. Especially if you don’t have a skiving machine. (Hope to get one in the future)
There are so many different techniques and styles, many different crafters use different types of knives for skiving and each have their own preference. But one fundamental I highly recommend is investing time to hone your sharpening skills. I’m still improving and still trying to learn as much as I can about sharpening too. The benefits are invaluable, you get cleaner cuts, you pull less hair out, less Chance of screwing up a project and it’s a lot safer.
The last point is critical, with blunt knives you tend to press harder, increasing your chance of slipping and cutting yourself.
Personally, my current process is grit 600, 1000 and 3000 whetstones plus finishing it with a good stropping.

Stropping / finishing your blade is imperative and you’ll have a much better experience skiving thereafter. Also, after I have properly sharpened a knife, all I need to do is the occasional stropping to keep it laser sharp.
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This is how haggard I am in the mornings, meant to be managing a film proposal, instead i’m reading articles about journalists taking acid.. I’m desperate for coffee, don’t know if you noticed by my sleepless eyes