People who don’t upload their art because they say it  ‘’Isn’t Good Enough’’ , Bullshait!! Your all amazing in your own ways!!, we learn from the beginning, we don’t just suddenly come into art like a pro or some kind!

And for MY friends who don’t upload their art because they don’t feel like it

…i know you in real life…. and i know where you live….. i come at your house…. and kick yer ass

anonymous asked:

NOOOOO BAD SKITZ - clearly pissed trash anon sprints towards Skitzy, holding a flip flop - LEAVE THE BABEH ALONE HES GETTING ALL THE TORTURE >:0 - hits with the flip flop, not hard, though. Then the anon hugs skitzy. - u evil rainbow. U get the chancla -3-. Congrats - a triggered trash anon

instead of a flip flop i made a slipper, those are more fun aha

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So since you are basically lezz aswell, with the dark side, do ylu have any siblings? Skitzy?? -☆☆

eh like brother sisters?? 

i’ve been all alone since i was ‘’made’’ ,  

let’s just say i’m not ‘’human’’  and i don’t have any family.

No mom or dad, or other parents, no brothers or sisters , compleetly none.
I also am mostly alone, The only friends i have or Jazz, Mallow, Pupper, and Maurice ehehe… …..

((For the artist aka me, i do have an older brother and sister, Im ofcourse the youngest… ))