who would read a story about a boy whohas skitzophenia. and the narrator of the story is the voices in his head. and its really confusing till he starts talking to the narrator as the narrator tells you something different.
eventually he’ll kill himself. but thats as far as ove gotten yet.

“the boy has eyes, rediculous brown eyes that bulge from his mind, exploding with the agony imposed on him. stupid boy, so funny looking. "My mother says i have doe eyes, and they are as sweet as the most.forbidden fruit” he mutters tohimself as he walks along.crazy, crazy as an old bat they say. like his papa. skitzophrenia"

need feedback guys.

Skitzophrenia Part 2

A conversation between my own council, except with some knew voices who I haven’t been able to name yet (let alone knew existed).

Denial: This can’t be happening

Heart: But it is. Or at least it feels like it is.

Emotions: Yet, it’s more of a release than a realization. As if Heart knew all along.

Denial: This isn’t happening. Get yourself together, Emotions. And Heart, what the heck are you doing here? Last time I checked, you were in the ER!

Heart: Genuine smiles work wonders. Especially if they’re between two people, yeah? (;

Denial: Oh my gosh, this can’t be happening.

Acceptance: Oh, but it is. Don’t fight it, that’ll make it worse!

Optimism: Agreed. Embrace it, enjoy it and live in the moment. Especially if it makes you happy :D

Pessimism: I say shoot ‘em! No one will be able to hurt you ever again D:<

Denial: THANK YOU. Don’t disillusion yourself, it’s all just another lie.

Phil: That’s a bit ironic coming from you, Denial.

Pessimism: Either way, this will only end in Heart aching.

Emotions: Don’t you like the feelings though?

Heart: They sure make ME smile (: Plus, I’m out and about now. Optimism and I think a chance is worth taking here, especially since Emotions has finally fallen out of the dark side. I think we’re all ready for some new light.

Denial: You guys are all crazy!

Logic: THAT’S ENOUGH. Geez, you guys are so interfering! Look, this makes the majority of us happy right? Right. Happiness is good. More happiness is better. Less happiness is not good. Without this there is less happiness. SO CLEARLY, it would be stupid to try and prevent anything that causes happiness, especially if you want to get better.

Heart: Well said!

Denial: Whatever…

Brain: Guys, I’m really glad we had this talk, and that we’ve reached some sort of conclusion, but it’s 1:12 AM and I’m tired as heck.

Logic: Alright then. Meeting adjourned.

Off to Crazyville

there she goes again

off to crazyville

with her red balloon

and a fat baboon

she talks to herself

and says she talks to god

and that he’s listening

but all she really hears 

is the ring in her ears

and singing in her brain

as she walks out in the rain

with no shoes on

there she goes again

off to crazyville



I couldn’t help but make a contribution to #AutismSpeaks10. My mom taught special education for 30 years and she’s on the autism spectrum. My brother has Aspergers and he was born before they knew what it was; they made him take cocktails of medications from skitzophrenia meds to antidepressants. I’m on the autism spectrum too, to a degree, and it infuriates me what Autism Speaks has done socially. Don’t donate to them unless you want the term “autism” to be further demonized.