Personal asks

1) What makes you the most sad?

2) What makes you the most happy?

3) Favorite animal?

4) Favorite taste?

5) What do you spend most of your time doing?

6) How do you distract yourself?

7) Who do you have your best relationship with?

8) Have you ever self harmed?

9) When would you most likely be out on a walk?

10) What clears your head most often?

11) Which song do you listen to most?

12) What are you most proud of?

13) Most ashamed of/regret most?

14) Most constant emotion?

15) Skitttles or M&M’s?

16) Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

17) Ever thought about suicide?

18) Have you ever tried writing? (Book, music, poetry,etc)

19) Favorite blog?

20) Person you dislike the most?

21) A word of advice you’d give to younger you?