Other Skittles senior, class of 2013, ksis Lesley Gerona. Haha I mean I made a post for ate and kuya might as well make one for you too. Haha. Anyways, congrats! You did it ksis! I mean I know I troll you a lot and may seem mean to you, but that’s just how I show people I care about them xD I know we aren’t as close but still just wanted you to know that you’re still my ksis and I care about you and yes I will troll you and pick on you just because that’s how I show everyone I care about them and love them. Hah trust me it’s not just you I pick on xD I pick on errryone. Congrats again. You’re gonna do awesome things out there and I know you’re gonna party hard. 👍 Don’t forget your Skittles kfam though ;D and of course your favorite troll Skittle, me. Haha jk jk. But yeah Congrats again ksis you did it! Go be awesome. #skittleskfam #skeetskeet #sonmychest #idontalwayssayno #classof2013 #kaba #ilookawk #shouldhavetakenmorepicswithpeeps #thankschristellefortakinthepic