skittles in a dress

The zodiac signs in Hufflepuff

Aries: sinnamonroll, has perfected the art hoe™ aesthetic

Taurus: their heart is too big for their body, great at baking

Gemini: the one who makes awful jokes and acts like a fool to lift the mood, dresses as colorful as a bag of skittles

Cancer: cares too much about others, must learn how to love themselves because they always blame themselves

Leo: would sacrifice themselves at any given chance if it would help a friend, squishy cheeks

Virgo: always tries real hard to be useful and productive

Libra: the brightest smile you’ll ever see, sunshine child who gets along well with everyone

Scorpio: looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll, it’s impossible to hide your true feelings from them bc they can read you like an open book

Sagittarius: an optimist in every situation, wants to meet people from all over the world

Capricorn: works too hard, nothing can bring them down once they’ve found their passion

Aquarius: honest and selfless, aspires to one day find the ultimate solution to world peace

Pisces: comfort hugs, mental and moral support, always wants to share their food with everyone

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HC: pastel!dan and punk!phil. Dan wears booty shorts and has a gf but he doesn't really know if he likes her and phil likes Dan and they fuck in the toilet

quick note just to say that Dan is 19 and Phil is 21, they’re in university and I needed to shrink the age gap a bit~ very very slight degradation and also praise kink~

THIS GOT SO LONG I’M SO SORRY this is probably totally not what you were thinking when you asked for this lol

* Dan walked down the hall holding hands with Christina, but it felt more like habit rather than something he wanted to do. It wasn’t anything about her as a person; she was lovely, very sweet and kind and considerate, but he just… didn’t know.

* He supposed they might be an interesting sight to strangers, the two of them together with their matching flower crowns. Dan was wearing black booty shorts and an oversized pastel blue jumper that draped off of one shoulder while Christina wore a white tennis skirt and a baby pink crop top. The two of them often joked that they were like two candy hearts in a bowl filled mostly with Skittles (but of course, they knew that they weren’t the only ones who dressed like that.)

* Dan made eye contact with one of the other students; his light eyes contrasted intensely with the vibrant tattoos on his arms that were shown off by the black t-shirt with rolled up sleeves that he was wearing. He smiled at Dan, warm and friendly, and Dan smiled back at him. Phil wasn’t quite a friend of Dan’s, but that was only a product of environment and circumstance, so they were amiable to each other when they crossed paths.

* Dan kissed Christina lightly on the lips before they parted to go to their separate classes. “See you later, babe.” He smiled at her as she waved before walking into her classroom.

* Dan sighed as he turned away, wondering what he should do. Christina didn’t deserve to date someone who wasn’t sure what they wanted or how they felt about her. But is breaking up the right thing to do? What if it’s just a temporary lapse in affection, or cold feet, or something? Is that how relationships work? They’d been dating for 7 months, but Dan wasn’t sure that he felt “the spark” or anything to tell him that this was a relationship worth pursuing. I feel bad; Christina is really nice and I love being around her, but it kind of feels more like I just love her as a friend? Do people get into relationships and fall in love later? How do they know when it’s a relationship worth pursuing?

* Dan bit his lip as he ambled to class, worrying it between his teeth as he went. It was one of his more interesting classes, so once the professor came in, he tried to focus on the lecture instead of his relationship woes.

* “Hello everyone, today we’re going to discuss Love as Theatre. I trust that you’ve all done the reading, as we’ll get right into it. As another quick disclaimer, this reading was not trying to convince all of you young people that love doesn’t exist; rather, we are just trying to examine and identify the meaning of romantic love, attitudes towards love, what it means to express your love, and what kind of love that is. Anyway, de Sousa stresses that ‘…love is the acute consciousness of the impossibility of possession‘…”

* Dan snorted quietly at the irony, opening up a blank document to type notes. This course was an elective, so he didn’t have to take it, but he figured that the philosophy of emotions would be interesting. He didn’t quite expect it to cause him to question everything he’s ever felt and everything he’s ever done because of those feelings, but then again he supposed he should have realized, considering that it’s philosophy.

* “…we expect that every lover we find will create a whole new experience for us. In essence, we expect that we are ‘made new’ for every new lover. De Sousa argues that this is not the case; instead, we develop emotional patterns at a very young age, so while we hope that every new person causes a renewal, it’s really more likely just a re-enactment.”

* Am I about to have an existential crisis in the middle of this lecture? Dan thought to himself.

* “…‘If the conscious simulation of love bolstered by the power of sex, is a valuable form of theater, why should some people not make a profession of it? Unless we condemn theater in all its forms, there can’t be anything wrong with the mere fact that we are being invited to experience emotions that don’t correspond to anything that is immediately real.’” Dan made a reference in his notes to the section that the professor was quoting. He started thinking again about the situation, applying the lecture content to his relationship. Okay, so this guy is talking about prostitution and how romantic love is problematic… We never did much sexually, so that doesn’t apply here even if I generalize the themes… Am I only going through the motions of what I think romantic love should be? I don’t know if I actually feel anything romantic? Could I see myself having a very similar relationship with someone else, with this lack of passion? I guess if I’m wondering about it, then I must not actually have feelings for her?

* Dan sighed quietly as the professor continued on. Even if I do stay with Christina, will I just wonder like this the whole time? What if we end up staying together for all our lives, and I’m just always wondering if I should’ve done something different? Fuck, I don’t want to risk that… I guess it’s better to end it now than keep it going on like this… Fuck.

* Dan leaned back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling as if it would give him strength. There was about an hour left of his lecture and now he was stressing about breaking up with Christina. I owe it to the both of us to not let it drag on any longer.

* He took a deep breath as he packed up his things at the end of class, trying to prepare himself. It feels really sudden. I’m scared, especially since I just saw her before this.

* “Hey, can we talk after this?” He texted Christina, knowing it was cowardly but he didn’t want to have to see her face fall when he said it out loud to her. “Yeah, sure :),” came the reply.

* Dan’s heart was pounding when he saw her. She looked beautiful, and he was about to break her heart probably. She smiled at him. “What’s up?” She asked.

* “Can we go somewhere more private?” He asked faintly, looking down and away. “Sure,” she said, leading the way to a stairwell.

* He looked up at her, not really sure how to begin but knowing he couldn’t back out of this now. “I… don’t think this is working for me, I’m really sorry.” He didn’t really want to look up at her, but he still cared about her, so he forced himself to. He was stunned by her kind smile, and she grabbed his hands, but he didn’t feel like it was in a romantic or pleading way.

* “Dan, it’s okay, I understand,” she said. “I’ve been thinking the same; we fit together really well” – she paused to giggle and gesture at their outfits – “but I don’t think it’s romantic. I think we were both trying to prove something to ourselves, and I think we both realized what the truth is. I don’t mind that we’re breaking up, I think we really are better off as friends. Don’t be a stranger, okay? Nothing has to change between us except that we’re not in a relationship anymore. ” She kissed him on the cheek. “You’re braver than you think.”

* She turned to walk away, but she turned back again to say, “Don’t think too much about things; do what feels right. I think we both should start doing that.” She smiled again and Dan smiled back, feeling like nothing had really changed. It was strange; it was nothing at all like how the books or movies usually made breakups seem, but Dan supposed he’s better off not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

* “Uh, hi Dan.” Dan spun around to see Phil standing at the top of the stairwell, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. “So… Not the worst breakup ever, hey?”

* “…Were you there the whole time?” Dan asked, feeling his cheeks burn as he toyed with the top of one of his thigh high socks. “Please tell me you weren’t.”

* “No, I just came in at the very end, but I got the idea… Sorry that happened.”

* “It’s okay, I’m technically the one who did the breaking up… Although I feel kind of like it was the other way around, because I didn’t say much and she knew anyway…?”

* “Ah, yeah I’ve been there.” Phil shrugged easily. “It just didn’t work between us, though, no special revelations there.”

* Dan looked at him questioningly. “Special relevations?”

* Phil’s eyes widened. “Oh my God, I think I just assumed something I shouldn’t have. From what I heard her saying, it just sounded like… Wow, that’s really embarrassing and quite frankly kind of intolerant of me, I’m so sorry.”

* Dan looked at him with his head slightly tilted and eyes narrowed, trying to parse what he meant. “You… think we were coming out as gay to each other?”

* “…Yeah…” Phil blushed but also looked somewhat upset. “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed something like that –”

* “We’re both bi and we knew that about each other already,” Dan corrected him with a smile. “Don’t worry about it.”

* Dan saw Phil’s eyes widen again briefly and a faint blush cross his cheeks, but he wasn’t sure what it meant.

* “So… Have you been with a guy before?” Phil tried to ask casually after a pause, but he started blushing harder.

* Dan squinted at him. “Are you trying to asking about my sexual history or are you trying to come on to me?”

* Phil stepped back and covered his face, mumbling through his hands: “Oh my God. This is so embarrassing.” He peeked through his fingers to see Dan’s eyes steadily looking at him, and he covered his eyes again. “I’ve had a crush on you since we first met in that first year class but I wasn’t sure if you were into guys and then you got together with her so I didn’t want to do anything and now I’m finding out you’re bi like me and –”

* “Well, I’m single and ready to mingle,” Dan joked even as he blushed at Phil’s confession. “I haven’t done anything with a guy for a few years, though.”

* Phil straightened his shoulders and let his hands fall from his face, but his cheeks were still red. “Would you like to fix that?” He said, his voice containing the slightest tremor.

* Dan looked at him in surprise, not really expecting that Phil would propose that right away. He had sort of assumed Phil would be the “take you on a lovely first date and then maybe by the third date have gentle sex” kind of guy. “Like, right now?” He asked, fussing with his fringe.

* “I mean, if you’re free.” Phil rocked back on his heels. He seemed like he couldn’t believe that this was actually happening.

* Dan thought of Christina’s words: “You’re braver than you think… Don’t think too much about things; do what feels right.” He wasn’t sure if this is exactly what Christina meant, but Dan briefly weighed his options. I could have sex with Phil, or I could not have sex with Phil. I don’t really mind, because he’s attractive and he’s kind. Maybe this could become more, even if it’s an unorthodox beginning? Not that that really means anything, considering I just had an unorthodox breakup. I guess ‘your mileage may vary’ is pretty accurate.

* Dan looked back at Phil, who was starting to look increasingly nervous. He smiled and nodded. “Sure, why not.” He winked at Phil. “No trouble on my end,” he said, making a show of looking Phil up and down.

* Phil grinned and Dan swore he saw his pupils dilate, but he didn’t have time to make sure because Phil stepped forward and grabbed his hand, and pulled him, walking fast, into one of the nearby washrooms. Phil pressed him against the closed door of the stall and whispered, “Is it okay if I kiss you?”

* Dan almost melted at the husky tone of his voice, and took the initiative to kiss Phil first. Phil is such a sweetheart, I never really considered how he’d be in this kind of situation. It’s really, really hot.

* Phil intensified the kiss, pressing his tongue into Dan’s mouth. His other hand dropped lower and cupped Dan’s ass.

* He broke the kiss to whisper, “Your ass looks so good in those tiny shorts, but I bet it looks even better without anything on.” He squeezed, and Dan let out a small gasp, his head tilting back.

* Phil saw his opportunity to kiss Dan’s neck, and if he was surprised at the loud moan Dan made at the contact, he didn’t show it. He kissed and licked at Dan’s neck before pulling down the neckline of Dan’s jumper to bite and suck at his collarbone. Dan’s hips jerked forward and Dan bit his lip, trying not to moan so loud since they were in a public space. “Fuck,” he whispered breathily.

* “Your noises are so pretty,” Phil murmured. “No one comes to this part of the building very often; let me hear you. I’ve always thought about how you would look under me. You’re so full of life and you’re so loud when you speak, I wonder if that translates to how you are in the bedroom.” His warm breath ghosted across Dan’s skin and he shuddered.

* “I want you to fuck me,” Dan moaned, his arousal running high from Phil’s attention to his neck. “Right now, please, oh my God.” Somehow, Dan didn’t feel as hesitant having sex with Phil as he had been with Christina.

* “I’ll take care of you,” Phil promised, nipping more at his neck before breaking away to rummage through his bag on the floor. He came up with a travel-sized bottle of lube and a condom.

* Dan, adjusting his erection so it wasn’t pressing so hard against his tight shorts, raised an eyebrow at Phil’s preparedness. “You keep that in your bag all the time?”

* Phil shrugged with a smirk. “Doesn’t hurt to be prepared.” His smirk morphed into a cheeky grin when Dan groaned at the double entendre.

* “Just get on with it already.” Dan rolled his eyes exasperatedly.

* “How do you want to do this?” Phil asked, covering his fingers liberally with the lube. “Do I need to stretch you first?”

* “Yeah, I’ll just bend like this I guess?” Dan faced the toilet and bent over to rest his hands on the toilet tank lid.

* “You have such a pretty bum,” Phil mused, admiring the sight. “I can’t wait to see how it looks with my cock inside it.”

* Dan whimpered at Phil’s blunt words, and palmed at his cock briefly before pulling only his shorts down. He turned to look over his shoulder at Phil and wiggled his bum seductively.

* “Fuck, do you normally wear panties?” Phil groaned at the delicate lavender cloth stretching across Dan’s butt before spanking him.

* Dan jerked forward with a gasp. “Depends on my outfit, but right now I’d really like to not be wearing them.”

* “Who am I to deny a request from such a pretty boy?” Phil slid the fabric down and reached around to gently pump Dan’s cock. He moaned at the stimulation and bent more to push his butt towards Phil. Phil continued to stroke Dan as he slowly put one finger into Dan. It took a little manuevering, but he took a step to one side so he could access the side of Dan’s neck. He licked one long stripe up before nibbling on Dan’s earlobe. Dan gasped and fucked himself back on Phil’s finger, moaning, “More!”

* Phil slipped in another finger, scissoring them as he rubbed the tip of Dan’s cock. When he thought Dan could take it, he slipped in a third.

* Dan almost wailed when Phil touched his prostate, gripping the toilet so hard his knuckles went white.

* “Are you ready for me, babe?” Phil asked, the pet name slipping out.

* “Yes, please, fuck me, touch me there again,” Dan moaned.

* Phil tried to unbutton his jeans with one hand, but he quickly realized that his haste and his natural clumsiness combined made that impossible. He eased his fingers out and it felt like he was punched in the chest when Dan made a sound of complaint at the emptiness. He swiftly undid his jeans and stroked his cock a little to make sure it was fully hard, before ripping open the condom and putting it on.

* Phil put the tip in first, and he felt Dan clench around him, so he started stroking Dan’s cock again to get him to relax. “Relax for me, that’s it,” Phil coaxed. “You’re doing so good for me, you’re better than I’d imagined.”

* He finally bottomed out and then he firmly gripped Dan’s hips. He thrusted slow once, just to make sure Dan was okay, and when Dan thrusted back to meet him he picked up the pace.

* Dan was panting out little moans in time with Phil’s thrusts, and Phil saw one hand leave the tank lid to stroke himself.

* “Fuck, Phil, yes, right there,” Dan moaned as Phil shifted angles slightly. “Don’t stop, fuck!”

* “Clench around me, babe, let me feel you,” Phil said, and the added pressure felt so good.

* “You’re so tight for me, it’s like you were made for my cock.” Phil’s mouth ran as he got closer to his release. “You’re so beautiful, you look so perfect like this.”

* Dan whined, pumping himself faster and harder as Phil continued to hit his prostate.

* It was hard to tell who came first, because everything happened so quickly. Dan’s cum shot into the toilet and partly over the seat and he felt Phil’s weight lean a little heavier on him as the grip on his hips tightened, and they both heard the door to the washroom slam open.

* “Wait, what do you mean?” was all they heard from someone before the door slammed shut again. The intense adrenaline burst both from cumming and also the surprise was intense and it was almost all a blur.

* Dan started laughing as Phil pulled out, and he could hear Phil laugh too as he gingerly slipped the now-full condom off of himself. Dan straightened up and pulled his underwear and shorts back up, turning to look at Phil.

* “Well, that was definitely an experience,” Dan said, breathing heavily. He reached up to fix his flower crown.

* Phil’s cheeks were red with exertion. “I hope you wouldn’t be opposed to doing that again.”

* “Of course not, but hopefully next time we’ll do it in a bed?” Dan said. “Maybe after going out for coffee sometime?”

* Phil looked at him, a smile lighting up his face. He stepped forward and pecked Dan on the lips.

* “I know this was a really strange start, but I would definitely like to see where we can take this.” He gestured between the two of them with one hand as he slung his bag over his shoulder with the other. “If you’re still free, maybe we can go for that coffee right now?”

* Dan picked up his own bag. “Are you suggesting round two afterwards? Because I would be down for that.”

* Phil led the way out of the stall, but turned to look at Dan. “Looks like you’re the one suggesting round two.”

* “What can I say, you’ve rubbed off on me.” Dan said with a straight face, and they both laughed.

* “I’ll be sure to rub off on you later tonight, then.” Phil said with a wink, and pinched Dan’s butt. “Let’s go to the place down the street, they have the best muffins…”

this really ran away from me lmao I really didn’t want to write Dan cheating so I wrote in the whole breakup thing.

also check me out, putting my degree to use by throwing in some philosophy. I did actually take a philosophy of emotions class in my second year lol but it was at 9:30am on Mondays and Wednesdays so I have literally no idea what went on in the classes. For this hc I just looked at the syllabus and picked a reading that I thought might suit it, then googled the content and paraphrased it lol. It was a little bit of a stretch but it wasn’t that important anyway lmao.

I should probably just stop pretending that these are hcs and call them actual fics but like eh lol. I might start titling them though.

- Rebecca

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Skittles was getting her dress on. Her favorite dress. Well…the only one she’d wear. She’d apparently been invited to some big party and figured she’d go looking nice.

Though she jumped a little when Brandon wandered in. “Hoh my god…Warn me next time..! …” She looked down at herself, and she was half dressed in just stockings and some rather lacy, black underwear. “…For that matter, don’t just walk in on somepony…Pervert~”

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chinese people aren't oppressed. you don't get background checks done on you at the airport because security is paranoid that you have an explosive on you. you do not get shot while standing outside of your store or after buying skittles. people don't dress up as you for halloween and mock and ridicule your culture. stop speaking up for actual people of colour, because you aren't one. you can't speak on behalf of them. by doing so, you're just as bad as all the art hoes you're bashing.

im not chinese? did u forget to click anon?

but oppression isnt a race poc experience it differently just because chinese ppl dont get shot or have background checks doesnt mean they dont experience racism are u fucking kidding me?? they dont dress up for halloween??????? how many ugly whites have u seen in qipaos (also kimonos???) ngl this is fucking gross and ur just invalidating the oppression of real people of color…

i cant fucking believe im arguing that chinese/asian ppl r poc lol

me: say it [punches rainbow bondage bear in the face]

rbb: [spits skittles on me] never

me: tell me larry is real and they dress you up and communicate through you

rbb: fuck you