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Paul Wesley - Vince Amoretti FC

  • Two years older than Stella
  • Can see through the Mist
  • Hates demigods and everything that has to do with demigods

Vince had always been a constant in Stella’s life - next to Gloria, he was her best friend. Ever since he was a kid, he’d been told that he’s going to marry into the Corleone family because the Amorettis and the Corleones did a lot of business together and needed good relations. Once Stella was born, they spent practically every waking minute with each other - they were home-schooled together, attended family parties/benefits/mixers/dinners together, slept over at each other’s homes, went on trips to Italy together, ect. They grew up fully aware that when Stella would turn twenty-years-old, they’d get married, and they were totally cool with that because what’s better than marrying your best friend? But then Camp Half-Blood fucks it all up.