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“Okay are you ready?” Emma asks. At Regina’s nod, Emma turns and gives Henry a look, to which he nods and slyly holds up his phone so he can record what’s about to happen. 

Emma sucks in a deep breath before sliding the mouth piece in. It’s awful and Regina raises a baffled eyebrow in response as she asks, “What is this game again?” 

Henry grins, “You have to guess what Ma is saying.” 

“it looks like she’s tried to eat too many Skittles again.”

“Un ime,” Emma protests through the mouthpiece. 

Regina chuckles before shaking her head at her girlfriend, “This could be a very long game.” 

Emma simply raises a brow at the challenge before summoning up her courage, “’ill oo ‘arry ee.” 

Regina stares back at her dumbfounded before turning to Henry, “Did you catch any of that?” 

Henry shakes his head. He already knows what his Mom is trying to say and he won’t ruin the surprise. “You have to guess Mom.” 

“Um…Ill who Harry?” 

Emma shakes her head, “’ill oo ‘arry ‘ee.” 

“Something about a bee?” 

Emma facepalms before saying, “’ill.” 

“Pill…still…mill…will,” at Emma’s emphatic nod Regina repeats, “Will.” 

“Oo,” Emma shouts pointing at Regina. 

“Me?…Oh you….will you…”

“’Arry ‘ee?” 

“Will you carry…” Emma shakes her head and Regina pouts, “Um…will you…urgh I give up.” 

“You can’t give up!” Henry calls out, “Come on Mom…Will you…”

Emma points to herself, “Arry ‘ee?!” 

Regina’s brows knit in confusion before realisation dawns on her, “Oh…will you marry me?” 

Emma grins pulling the mouthpiece out, taking a swig of water before hugging Regina tightly and replying, “I thought you’d never ask.” 

So i found this post on instagram and i wrote a short story,,,,

Instagram post:

“I hauled so much tonight! How’s your end going, Keith?”

Lance grinned down at his candy. He couldn’t really see it that clearly through his Spider Man mask, but he knew he had a lot and was excited to start stuffing his face until he was sure he’d wake up with a candy hangover the next morning.

Keith frowned down at his pumpkin basket. “Eh, I got so many skittles. I hate skittles.”

He began picking out each red packet, setting them beside him. He barely noticed Lance moving around on the top bunk bed, and jumped a little when he appeared in front of him, upside down and still wearing the stupid Spider Man mask.

“Skittles?” he asked. “Where? I’ll take ‘em if you don’t want ‘em.”

Keith hoped his blush was unnoticeable. He had been blushing because of Lance a lot recently, and he absolutely hated it (He didn’t). He hated Lance (He’s had a huge crush on him since they’ve met).

“Lance—“ he started, then laughed a bit and asked, “Can you even see with that mask on?”

Lance let out a nervous laugh. “Actually…No…”

Keith snorted. “Oh my god. Okay, hold on—“ He put one hand on the side of Lance’s head and used the other to start peeling the mask off from his chin. He got it over Lance’s nose, then froze, his cheeks suddenly lighting up. Lance’s lips were so close to his, if he moved just an inch closer he’d be kissing him. Keith began to lean forward, tilting his head and—

“Keith? Is it stuck or somethin’?”

Keith jerked, and his eyes widened. “Uh, no, um, hold on.”

He pulled the mask off all the way, and Lance grinned at him.

“Well hello there,” he said. “Now about those skittles—“

Keith couldn’t help himself, he leaned in and caught Lances lips with his own. Lance made a strange sound—surprise? Disgust? Keith didn’t know, but he didn’t move and Lance didn’t either. A solid 4 seconds passed with their lips awkwardly pressed together and a terrible silence filling the room. They both suddenly moved away from each other too quickly. Lance jerked, then yelped as he fell off the top bunk, landing on the floor with a loud ‘thud’ on his back. He groaned and began to sit up. Keith stared at him with wide eyes and red cheeks, unblinking and unmoving.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking. Don’t need any help getting up either,” Lance said sarcastically as he stood up and faced Keith, but there was a nervous edge to his tone. He rubbed the bottom of his back, his cheeks almost as red as Lance’s. Neither made direct eye contact as a few tense seconds passed by. Then Lance was halfway kneeling in front of Lance, legs bent just enough to reach the sitting boys height and put hands on either side of him to keep his balance. They were in a similar position from before—their faces merely an inch apart. Except this time Lance wasn’t upside down and dangling from a bed. He grinned.

“At least make sure I’m not prone to falling and breaking my neck when you try to kiss me, idiot,” he said, and before Keith could say, or even come up with a comeback, Lance’s lips were on his. Keith gasped before melting into this kiss, a slow grin spreading across his face.  

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"You shouldn't love me." :)

Reese’s brows furrowed like Rory was speaking an alien language he didn’t understand.  “What are you talking about, Roreo?”  She was looking at the ground but he was looking at her.  His heart felt like it was going to drop into his shoes seeing the hurt etched onto his twin’s face.  “I’m always going to love you.  No matter how many times Kat yells at us.  No matter how many times you steal my Skittles.  No matter how many times we think we’ve got us in a situation there’s no coming back from.  You know why?  You and me share a heart.  And on the days where you feel like there’s nothing about you to love, those are the days I’ll love you a little bit more.”

skittle is here!!!
he has a massive rip in his back so im gonna have to play doctor and make him better and then love him through recovery

he’s wearing pjs and playing games with me. but shhhh it’s past his bedtime


Sav does a thing ;; skittles [1/?]

Stiles zoomed around the corner of the house, there was no sign of Scott anywhere. Stiles booked it around the next corner still no sign of Scott, feeling a nerf bullet his the top of his head Stiles flinched and looked up, finding his missing friend in the tree above. He than shook his head and demanded he come down immediately, Stiles than decided that this moment forward wolf powers were against the rules when having one of their Nerf duels.


If this were clothing I’d say I UPCYCLED my glitter placement!
Filed down my talons, and did this little smoky-sheer number. I didn’t have the heart to take off the glitter, so I incorporated it. Turns out, I love it! ☺️

Flossgloss Moonbaby, Nicole by OPI Be AwesomeSally Hansen Big Smoky TopcoatAmerican Apparel Hassid

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A few years ago I made a statement on a drawing how I like skittles.

So from there on every con Id attend people would bring me skittles.

I had so… So many skittles. I tried eeating them all but i could TASTE THINGS I NEVER KNEW BEFORE. I WAS DRIBBLIN RAINBOWS YO.

the skittles has finally settled down <3. Everyone was so sweet to bring me sweet treats ; ;.