Measure B feelings ahead

skittishandscared replied to your post: So the measure requiring porn stars to wear condoms passed?

may I ask why you voted against it? why should they not wear protection? you never know if your co-star has venereal disease. its common in germany

I’ve got nothing against them wearing protection. But I have two main problems with this legislation:

One, the fact that this is legislation that isn’t even really all that enforceable makes me automatically skeptical.  Unless there is a cop on the set of your porn shoot, I don’t really know how they’re going to do a damn thing about whether or not a condom is used or not until, possibly, after the fact.  It’s just that it comes across more as a feel good piece of legislation rather than something that is actually going to help the health of people participating in porn.

Two, this law comes across as some paternalistic bullshit which isn’t all that rare for sex industries.  Acting as if the porn industry doesn’t know what a fuckin STD/STI is.  I just cannot feel comfortable forcing people in a particular industry to wear condoms.  So should these porn stars also be forced to wear condoms outside of their job, just to keep safe?  What next under the guise of ~just makin sure you don’t get the clap~ should the government enforce on people?  Or only sex workers and nobody else?  Where does that end?  And as one of my friends mentioned, a lot of porn studios already have pretty stringent testing.  Would that be seen as irrelevant because of a law that says that all is well and good as long as you slap on a condom for your 5 hours of porno filming?  Just sounds like a big ol’ mess, really.

Not to mention that that could drive the industry elsewhere, which would mean that people who work in this perfectly legal industry could be out of a job all because of a scare tactics type of law that…may or may not even be enforced properly?  Also, how is that going to keep people elsewhere safer if filming is just moved? 

People keep acting like a no vote on this is all about aesthetics and it’s really not.  I just don’t feel comfortable with well meaning organizations or our legislature dictating whether or not you must wear a condom during intercourse on a porn film set.  

 Should there be a standard of testing, screening, all that jazz?  Yeah sure, that should be an industry standard and already is for some.  But ultimately, I’m all for the people who are in this industry deciding for themselves what is in their best interests.  For example, if people in that industry wanna unionize, they should be able to unionize, shit like that.  Benefits, fair treatment, etc.  I really don’t feel comfortable deciding what sex workers should be forced to do in their line of work.

Yes, people should feel safe in their industry.  But not just because the specter of the LAPD is breathing down their neck, holdin a box of Trojans.  

skittishandscared replied to your postYessss! OMG i just cant.. and i cant hate him i cant hes just so aghh i cant see him cry! Remember when we were like well i dont really have much time for another tv show when HOF came out? but omggg here we are lols

i know its just tv but how come u say he was a good person? he killed people in a school shooting, idk the good person thing doesn’t apply. His ghost is fucked up as well but that his ghost-side so i don’t take that into account

sigh\ yes, i believe he at least was a good person. i don’t believe he had those urges since always. i think that the house obviously drove him to that state of “insanity” and then what i think he suffered as a child also has some influence (i think we’ll see in next week’s ep how constance probably abused/hit tate often in flashbacks)

but of course, you can have your opinion in which you consider he has never been a good person; i, on the other hand, think he at least was, and part of him still is, a good person

skittishandscared said: i agree. love the show and love nick, but there are some things that turning me off like that heavy nick/jess stuff which is very unlike nick compared to s1, oh well. things always change in s2 guess here its nick

bleh they totally said they weren’t going to talk about nick and jess for a long time or play up the possible romance between them, then they did. everyone else got a job and a girlfriend and he’s still the childish broke bartender who acts like an old man.