I wanna talk about something that I special to me… My favorite Car Ever!!! If I could Own any Car in the World I would drive a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss302. I would leave the body 100% stock. Why? Because the 1969 Mustang body is 100% perfect. So I would only need to upgrade the parts around it.

     I would leave the Engine all natural. No turbos or Superchargers. No Need. I would get the block fuel injected and ditch the old carb. I would even upgrade the Cams. Than I would fit carbon ceramic brakes with the ability to turn ABS on and off at will. Because Cars don’t need ABS… It just helps on wet days.

     And I’ve got a whole list of other things I would do to it just to make it the perfect car for me. Others might not like my performance ideas but, I don’t care what they think as long as My Mustang drives the way I want it to.