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Andreas Wellinger im Interview - Titisee Neustadt 13.12.2013

GT: This won´t protect you from the young girls. How many wedding proposal have you ever received?
AW: Until now I have all wedding propsals rejected. Nothing else matters.
GT: Aha. But that means you don´t count it?
AW: No, I think this is just of secondary importance. First I have to jump well.
GT: But you feel, that your age group´s interest has grown?
AW: Yes, of course. But…
GT: It couldn´t hurt.
AW: No, this belongs to it.
GT: Have you already adapted to the success?
AW: Well, I try to adapt to it by doing good jumps and by doing my training everyday.
GT: And ähm. Today it was even better than ok. Wasn´t it?
AW: Well, yes. It was very good, but not perfect. There are little details, which I can improve. But it was a nice trial, three good jumps. So I´m ready for tomorrow.
GT: You say: „The Perfect is the enemy of good“. You should think about this, shouldn´t you?
AW: Äh, no. Freund.
GT: Freund?
AW: Yes, the Freund.
GT: The Freund? Freund? Okay, you have should think about it.
AW: Yes, I would say, when Freund will win tomorrow and I will be on the second place, then I will be satisfied, too. But therefor we have to jump very well.
GT: But, I don´t know how this has answered my question. Then Freund jumps perfect and you jump well?
AW: When Freund jumps perfectly and me too, than we could fight a duel. But therefor we have to do a little bit.
GT: That´s the plan?
AW: That´s it.
GT: Well, now we should be serious again. The chanceover concerning your landing doesn´t make any problems anymore. Does it?
AW: No, no problems anymore, but it isn´t  optimal at all. But I work on it and I try to make it better in such a way that I will get a 19.5 in the next competition.
GT: Do you think sometimes during the jumping: „ Now I have to do the other leg in front again?“
AW: Yes, there´s a thought about it, but now it´s better than in the beginning.
GT: You speak about a dynamic stereotype when something is automated. Is it automated now?
AW: Yes, the new is not completed. The left foot in front was automated and now I try to make it perfect. Just to do a good landing without thinking about it.
GT: Does that mean, that the landing is the only thing, that is missing on the perfect Wellinger?
AW: No, there is even more missing, but we are working on it, too.
GT: Okay, we wish you and your team good luck.
AW: Thank you.
GT: Toi toi toi!