skirts on bikes

ZarMei though

- Zarya and Mei spending a quiet afternoon inside drinking tea and reading science journals. Every so often, they bother each other with remarks like, “This statistical analysis looks wrong to me, can you look at it?” and “This hasn’t even been recreated in a lab, how did it get published?”

- Heroes like Pharah and Sombra in coats at 40F/4C while Mei and Zarya are in shorts.

- Someone implies that Mei isn’t physically strong and Zarya is like, “Clearly you haven’t seen this woman on a mountain.”

- Someone implies that Zarya is uneducated and Mei’s like, “You know she made the gloves to hold her cannon, right?”

- Mei pulling large machines around her mountain lab very carefully wearing only a tank and skirt (bike shorts underneath, you pervs) and Zarya watching like “Oh no she’s hot.”

- Mei seing Zarya in a suit for the first time like “Oh no shes hot.”

- Zarya and Mei don hiking gear and go to a cabin by a lake in a pine forest for 2 weeks. Literally nothing bad happens.

- Someone fool boy catcalls Mei, and Zarya just looks at him like “If you want to live you should run.” Jagoff shouts, “I’m not afraid of you, you pinkhaired circus freak.” and Zarya’s just like, “Oh no, it’s not me you should be afraid of.”

- Mei bringing Zarya tea in a cup covered in flowers and calling her tol a “little daisy”. (daisies are the Russian national flower apparently? til)


Emma and her Bike - never tire of this


Long Chopper by Chad Horwedel

The Signs as Things My Preschoolers Have Said/Done
  • *i am Ms. Aly, just so you know. also, i work at a preschool and all of this is stuff i have witnessed*
  • Aries: "I have a penis." - 2 yr. old
  • Taurus: "Do you remember yesterday when I saw you at Target? Yeah, me too." - 5 yr. old
  • Gemini: *accidentally drops Minion toy* "NOOOOO! MY MINION!!" *starts screaming* - 3 yr. old
  • Cancer: "I have a question... Spider-Man shoots webs out of his wrists and then climbs buildings." - 3 yr. old
  • Leo: *walks out of the bathroom completely naked* "Hi, Ms. Aly." - 2 yr. old
  • Virgo: "Get back in the bathroom! I don't want to see your vagina!" - 6 yr. old to 4 yr. old
  • Libra: *rides bike over to me and places a single hand on my thigh, then looks up my skirt and quickly bikes away* - 5 yr. old
  • Scorpio: "I wonder what Ms. Aly looks like when she's naked..." - 5 yr. old
  • Sagittarius: "I went pee-pee in the potty! I did it! I DID IT!" - 3 yr. old
  • Capricorn: *pointing to 'The Mona Lisa'* "That's you, Ms. Aly." - 3 yr. old
  • Aquarius: "Ms. Aly, do you have a big vulva or a small vulva?" - 4 yr. old
  • Pisces: *looking at a pigeon outside* "That's a penguin." - 2 yr. old