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Local bug supposed to be trying on jeans, horribly distracted as always.

Lately shopping for clothes has been way nicer by the fact of so many stores I’m going to are carrying the spring trends in their plus sizes!! And I’m hype!! All of these spring looks are my absolute favorites and I’m so happy just trying on comfy things that! Fit! Me! God bless!


My hand-painted, glow in the dark floral skirt is finally up for sale at RoukeCreations! I’ve been working hard to make it look as beautiful as possible and I’m pretty proud of it :)

I will make more glow in the dark clothing but this is an unique, one of a kind item, so if you’re interested get it soon while it’s still available to avoid missing out! 


Valentines day!

I’m attempting to save for a holiday so I’m having to really cut back on extravagances like clothes - my OOTD posts are going to go way down.

I’ve really wanted a cropped jumper for ages - I see all these girls in cute cropped jumpers and skirts and my heart aches! Though actually my body is so long that regular jumpers end up quite cropped so this jumper has actually worked out really well. Also it was £5. 

I bought this skirt in the New Look sale after christmas for £6 I think? It was a serious bargain but I think it’s one my favourite things I own now. I’m not sure if a-line is the most flattering cut on me but as always - fuck flattering.

  • Jumper: Primark
  • Skirt: New Look
  • Shoes: Vans (special edition - beatles: all you need is love pattern)
  • Belt: Asos
  • Necklace: Primark
  • Lipstick - Makeup revolution lip laquer in depravity
  • Glasses: Polette
  • Watch: Olivian Burton

didn’t need to get a change in prescription so I just kept the old glasses, and bought some new clothes instead: wonder woman pjs, dinosaur socks, unicorn socks, and popcorn socks, a denim skirt that was in the sale, new leggings, and a pair of cargo trousers (not pictured) almost exactly like the pair I had about 15 years ago. the originals were baggier around the ankles but that was in then. 



Just need to get rid of some stuff I never wear before I move in a year! Included items listed in the caption. Or send me an ask if you’re interested!




Reblogs super appreciated!!

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