skirt the rut


Derek x Reader (Smut)

Requested By @lisanne-or-lilo

Warnings: smut, sex

Derek smiled when you collided with his chest. All it had taken from him was a small rumbled growl and you’d accidently wondered out of the shop you’d been in and found your way to him. You huffed and attempted to go back to where you’d been only to find yourself wrapped up in Derek’s thick arms.


“I hate you.” You mumbled against his chest.


“Not tonight you don’t.” Derek mumbled and ran a hand through your hair, making you clench your fists when your body relaxed into him. “Full moon.”

“I don’t care.” You snapped and pulled yourself away from Derek.


He trailed behind you as you continued to shop and when you turned on him to tell him to stop he cough, glancing down to where you had a tight grip on his wrist. Reluctantly you let him take you back to the penthouse and set you down on the edge of his bed as he headed to the kitchen.

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Hey! So listen, our girl @organanation is working on her own Old West AU, and I think there are a couple others in development, and I’m excited for all of them: I intend no diva claim on the topic in publishing this! But I wrote these snippets up awhile ago, all loosely structured around the theme of accidental meetings between Han and Leia in a Western AU, and there’s been some interest so what the hell right? More reading the better, I hope!

There won’t be a plot, ever, and these are gonna be much looser than NHI, and with far fewer tie-ins to the plot and characters of the original films. This is purely self-indulgent noodling. So, uh. Yeah. Anyway, here’s part one in a loose series. Read on if that’s your jam.


She’d only gone into town for muslin. A length of curtain-cloth for the house her stepmother had left her, the hated house she’d come back to claim. In her second-best dress, second-best hat pinned to her braids, Leia Organa had set forth, closing the white gate neatly behind her.

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the pianist | m

◇ “Will you actually let me play something?”

◇ Jun x reader

◇ Jun smut ive waited for this moment for centuri es


A soft, delicate melody rang throughout the practice room. Jun’s eyes were fixated on the black and white keys underneath his fingers, leaning forward to read the music sheet splayed in front of him. The music was beautiful; quiet, yet loud, beautiful, yet flawed, soft, yet rough - the concentration painted on his face intensified, eyebrows furrowed as he bit his lip.

You sighed, turning away from Jun and towards your phone. You had a strange thing for Jun playing the piano; whether it was because he looked so in control, or so concentrated, or that he always bit his damn lip, you don’t know - the only thing you knew was that in between your thighs was heating up incredibly quickly as you spotted his reflection in the practice room mirrors.

Looking up again, you take in his image - floppy brown hair, big brown eyes and lean, tan skin that you wanted to leave purple and blue blotches on-

A groan is caught in your throat as heat pools in your stomach. You bite your lip - you want him so bad, but you know he’s adamant on practicing the piano for at least another hour, while everyone else is out - though you don’t know if you can survive that long. Maybe… maybe you could make him break?

You tap your fingers on your thigh nervously as you think about what you’re about to do, and before you can chicken out, you set your phone down on the floor, standing up with a stretch and walking over to him quietly. He doesn’t spare you anything more than a smile as you sit next to him on the bench, making sure your skirt rides up to reveal your thigh, smooth skin brushing against his clothed leg.

If he notices your advances he doesn’t show it; he continues playing, only stopping momentarily to readjust his fingers on the spruce keys.

Biting your lip, you decide that you need more to make him glance your way. Fanning yourself, you unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt, revealing your cleavage and the silver necklace gifted to you by Jun, settled right on top. You see him raise an eyebrow but other than that, he continues his melody.

You inhale deeply but quietly. Usually, Jun would’ve dropped everything he was doing to press you against the wall and fuck you, but he seemed to be restraining himself. Time for your final trick.

Arching your back, you raise your hands above your head, letting your head fall back and your chest thrust forward. A small moan escapes your mouth as you stretch, and you see Jun clench his jaw before he turns to you, removing his hands from the piano.

“Do you think this is a joke?” He asks, brow arched and taking in the way the curves and dips of your body flowed. He spins around so that he can get off of the piano bench, walking around the wooden chair until he was in front of you.

“What are you talking about?” You ask, but you wrap your arms around his neck anyway, a mischievous smile blossoming on your face as he wraps his arms around your waist, kneeling in front of you.

“Don’t act innocent, ____,” he chastises, leaning up and starting to pepper kisses against the soft skin of your thighs, where the fabric of your skirt had purposefully rode up, revealing his canvas. He paints purple, reds and blues onto your skin with his mouth, tugging skin between his teeth and sucking harshly. “If you wanted me, you should’ve just asked.”

“You would’ve said you were busy,” you gasp breathlessly, watching as he pulls up your skirt, rutting his nose into your clothed pussy. He places an open-mouthed kiss over your clit that has you whimpering into your hand, before he moves up, placing kisses until he came to your cleavage.

“I always have time for you, sweetheart,” he coos teasingly, grabbing the delicate skin between his teeth until it was red and bruised. You giggle at his comment, running your hand through his hair and feeling the soft strands brush against your fingers. 

“You know,” he suggests against the skin of your breasts, “I should tease you as much as you just teased me-” A sound of disagreement escapes your mouth, making him chuckle, “But I think we’re too far gone to survive teasing, right, baby?”

You moan in answer, bra pulled down just far enough for him to nip at the sensitive buds, licking and sucking at anything he could reach. He continued for a few more seconds before he finally reached your neck, one of his favorite places to mark you. His tongue licked stripes up to your pulse point, before he’s winding his arms around your waist to pull you closer so that he can get better access to you.

“You told me you wouldn’t tease,” you gasp out, clutching his shoulders like a lifeline. He only laughs in response, pulling back to look at you for a second before he’s diving in, moving his lips against yours. You’re so concentrated on him; you’re surrounded by his scent, his arms are wrapped around you, he’s sat in between your legs and you can’t possibly get any closer.

He breaks the kiss for a second to switch your positions slightly; he sits on the piano bench, back against the piano and accidentally hits off a few keys in the process; you’re on his lap, legs wrapped around his waist, one arm wrapped around his neck and the other around his shoulder, grinding harshly against the bulge in his jeans.

“Fuck,” he’s muttering against your lips, grasping your ass in his hands and helping you grind. He pulls away from the kiss, resting his forehead against yours and screwing his eyes shut as his signature whiny groans escaped his lips. Your breaths are coming out in pleasurable gasps, feeling his clothed cock bump against your clit through layers and layers of clothing. 

“Stop, stop,” he gasps suddenly, heaving you off of him and onto the bench next to him. He says nothing else before he’s standing up, pulling down his jeans and removing his long-sleeved shirt, not bothering to fully remove his briefs before he’s sitting down again, pulling you back on top of him. Your bra is still pulled down, skirt hitched up around your waist, and he pushes your panties to the side, making sure you’re wet enough.

“Wait,” he frowns, biting his lip. The head of his cock is lingering just outside of your opening and you whine, bucking your hips, only to have him grab your hip uncertainly, “I - I don’t have a condom, jagi-”

“It’s fine,” you mutter, trying to grind yourself against him, “You have tissues in your bag, right? Just pull out before you cum.” He’s still frozen and you groan, reaching underneath you to take him in your grasp, sinking down slowly with a breathy moan.

“Shit,” you whine, starting to buck your hips back and forth over his lap. Jun’s mouth is wide open as he leans back against the keys, creating his own original melody, and watching you ride him expertly. His hand trails up from beside him, up your thigh, until he’s grasping your bouncing breast in his hand, thumbing over the nipple roughly and making you keen.

“______,” his head is thrown back and his bottom lip is between his teeth. He’s such a beautiful sight, and you wish you could take a picture and capture this moment forever; hair clinging to his forehead, muscles contracting underneath your touch, mouth hanging open and hips bucking. He looks delicious.

Jun’s eyebrows knit together, pleasure coursing through his body; he’s close, so close, but he doesn’t want to pull out before you cum. He pulls one hand away from your breasts, trailing it down to where you’re connected. He’s transfixed by the sight for a second - your swollen lips engulfing his hard cock - before he catches sight of the bundle of nerves he was aiming for, and after licking one finger, he brings it down onto the precious pearl.

“Fuck!” You feel like sobbing now, the pleasure doubling as he rubs rough shapes onto your clit, body lurching forward and head resting on his shoulder as you continue to take him as best as you can. “Fuck - Jun - I’m s-so close-!”

You’re cut off as you feel your vision turn black for a second, pleasure overwhelming every single nerve in your body, toes curling and mouth turning into a perfect circle as your powerful orgasm washes over you, pussy clenching around Jun and drenching him with your sweet nectar.

Jun let’s out once last grunt as he signals you to lift off of him; you sit back on his knees as he pumps himself in his fist 5, 6, 7 times, and then he’s shooting his cum onto your stomach and chest, groaning into the humid air.

“Fuck,” Jun whispers a few minutes after, wrapping his arms around your waist despite the sweat and cum that’s painted onto your skin, pulling you close and resting his head on your shoulder and screwing his eyes shut. “That was… that was pretty amazing…”

“It was, wasn’t it?” You’re teasing him lightly, snuggling against his warm skin until you realize that you should probably clean up and get dressed before someone either walks in on you or realizes what you’re doing.

Jun fetches the tissues from his bag and helps clean you up, laughing to himself when you wince at the sensitivity in between your legs. He dumps them into the bin in the corner of the room, returning to pull back on his jeans and shirt and help you with yours.

Tiredly, you place yourself on his lap, feeling him set his head on your shoulder and place his fingers on the piano keys. “Now,” he speaks in your ear playfully, lovingly placing a kiss on a sensitive spot that will surely bruise, “Will you actually let me play something?”