skirt sale


Throwback to some old Broadway cosplays I made between 5-6 years ago. How time flies!

Costumes in order are:

Christine’s Wishing Gown (Phantom)

Hannibal Slavegirl corset/mini Elissa skirt (for sale on etsy here!)

Dressing gown

Galinda’s Popular party dress (Wicked)

Elphaba’s Act II gown

Cosette (Les Mis 25th anniversary tour)

scary-monsters-and-super-creeps replied to your post: Day Two of the Great Decluttering! STATUS UPDATE:…

have you considered the possibility that your clothes have started breeding, leading to the large jabot population you’ve found?

The upstairs Storage Room o’ Doom does have a tendency to manifest items of clothing I have no memory of acquiring. And last year, when I was culling the skirts for the yard sale, I discovered that I had FOUR of the same style black chiffon skirt. Which, okay, great? Now I just need my wardrobe to make a fitted black waistcoat appear, because I need one for a DIY project.

Thinking about selling some clothes and stuff. Where would be a good place for that? Thinking about Depop, but I have no experience using it other than following a couple of people. Anyone know of any good low-effort/cost places to sell casually? Also should I sell this mid-calf length denim prairie skirt? I love it but I’ve never worn it. Thrifted it years ago…