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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tutorials for repurposing old plain button-down shirts? Like upcycling them to turn them into a cuter garment?~ Thank you so much!

I’m always down for some refashioning/upcycling!! If you’ve got other stuff, check out my refashion tag!

Anyhoo, here’s some tutorials for some button up/button down shirts:

DIY Refashioned Men’s Button Up

Cute little tunic to go with some tights or skinny jeans! Or, hell, anything you want, really.

DIY Crop Top

Warm weather is coming and this is a great use for your button up.

DIY Button Up Refashion

If you’ve got TWO on hand, make yourself a dressy dress.

DIY Plaid Flannel Skirt

Something a little more punk rock.

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OOTD (a few days belated): Fuzzy crop top

Thrifted everything!

It warmed up (and by that I mean it got above 30) for a few days this week, so I decided to go crazy and forgo my heavy parka for the day. This gorgeous chiffon midi skirt was one of my favorite Salvation Army finds of the last few months—it’s an almost-perfect mockup of one I’ve been coveting from American Apparel. 

I’m glad that the fuzzy sweater thing is coming back. This pink crop sweater tank top is hella cozy.