skirt made by me

Happy Dracula Day from your Auntie Jilli and Miss Erzabet No Biting.

Shallow Fashion Details:

- Ruffled snap-front waistcoat from Torrid.
- Blouse from I don’t remember where, I’ve owned it for over 20 years.
- Bela Lugosi’s Dead skirt made by me.
- Dracula crest lace choker also made by me, featuring a vintage silver pendant that contains soil from Castle Bran.
- Vintage rosary with my impossible-to-replace silver reproduction of the bladed ankh from The Hunger.

Remember peeps: embrace your cliches. Embrace them so hard they squeak.


A/N: This was heavily influenced by Baby Driver, the movie. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.

Warnings: Strong language, Smut

Word Count: 1,947

Originally posted by zeusmayo

I tapped my chipped ruby red nails against the counter of the bar, staring at the neon sign that read “Open”. I looked down at my nametag, the little rectangle tilting down. I adjusted it on the black uniform, and smoothed out my skirt. I had to wear the same black button up with white trim and matching skirt every time I came into work. I guess that’s what I get for working at a diner. I started to walk up and down the booths that were unoccupied, desperately hoping someone would walk in so that I could do something. I sat down on one of the plastic covered leather benches, resting my head in my hands. A few seconds later, a bell caused me to raise my head.

It was the sound that told the workers someone was here. Finally. I got up from my booth and turned to see who had walked in. It was a boy, his wavy brown hair sat neatly atop his head, his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. He was wearing a black hoodie making him look lazily put together. His eyes were wandering around the restaurant as mine were wandering around him. His were dark and mysterious, the contrast of his skin striking. He had red lips, the bottom one pulled between his teeth.

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So I work at a haunted house as an actor and makeup artist and most of the time, it’s amazing! The actors and owners are super nice and my only complaint with any of them was the skeleton who kept on showing up 10 minutes before we had to be in our places (his makeup usually took me 15-20). But over all, they’re amazing and I feel privileged to come back each season and work with them.

The customers are often a different story. Some of them are so blatantly disrespectful and cruel?? We’ve had people just dump their trash in a room for us to clean up when we’re all already exhausted from staying up and screaming all night. I’m so genuinely curious as to if these people even realize that the hard working people at the haunt have to pick up after your shit on top of everything else we do to ensure that your experience here is a good one?

I once legit heard a group of teenagers say, “Dude, we should totally steal this.” And he actually tried to steal one of our props. I was so furious because the owners work so hard to keep this place in tip top shape and they often dip into their own savings to afford some of our more extravagant props. This one wasn’t even big or anything, but it was still so infuriating to see such lack of respect or acknowledgement for the effort going into assuring that you have a good time here.

And then there’s the people who flat out insult or harass the actors. The insults usually come from teenage guys trying to act tough in front of their friends and those are always easy to shake off. The disgusting comments are harder, especially for our younger actors. (My first year was as a 14 year old and they put me in a tiny skirt and made me a doll, so as you can probably expect, I wasn’t a stranger to harassment or gross comments.) We actually had one girl on the verge of tears because men 3x her age were making disgusting comments and approaching her in ways that made her feel unsafe. Every year, at the very least, 6 people get punched or kicked and every woman in the haunt has experienced harassment on some level.

There are also always people who feel inclined to reach out and touch the actors?? Like, I get that you are curious and maybe that helps you not to be afraid, but it honestly makes most of us so uncomfortable. It’s not cute or funny when you grab at my hair or dress. It’s creepy. Our policy is “Do not touch the actors and they won’t touch you.” but people often like to take that as, “the actors won’t touch you even if you like to poke and prod at ACTUAL STRAGERS. So, if you touch me, you should be prepared for a more "hands on” experience with the other actors because now we’ll feel inclined to return the favor.

The one thing so many people don’t understand about haunt actors is that we’re real people with feelings and we’re working really hard to ensure that you have a good time. A ton of us have other jobs on top of this that we have to get back to. We do this because we love it and we want you to have fun too! But that does not give you an excuse to be disrespectful.

You’d be so surprised at what a simple “Oh man, you got me on that one!” Or “That makeup is so cool!” Can do for the actors. Just getting one complement on my acting or makeup made👏my👏night👏. And if you’re a decent person, we’re more inclined

Moral of the story is: Be nice to those working at haunted houses.


Title: Another Love

Y/N is a popular cheerleader dating the successful jock who breaks up with her, making her win him back with a sexy performance. Although, it’s not her ex who gets flustered but Peter Parker.

Words: ~ 1400

A/N: I tried another style of writing and it gets a bit boring at the end… And @ceci1735 I hope you like it and that’s it’s not too different from what you had in mind! :)


I’m still able to feel it. The pain. The pure disbelief running trough my mind as he said those words.
You’re not sexy enough for me.

I spare you the tragic backstory of falling in love with this asshole of a boy. But still you have to know some details:
Me, the head of the cheerleaders, and Micheal, the rich jock, had been dating for 3 years until he decided to dumb me. Let’s just say that I was as dumb as him back then. I was dependent. Micheal seemed to be perfect and I didn’t even realise that he was treating me so badly.

Dating him was a mistake, I see that now.
But I needed another love to show me what true love was like. So, this is the story of me, finally finding Mr. Perfect who’s always been there without me noticing it.
Here we go:

I walked down the hallway, swaying my hips that were barely covered by my shortest, black skirt. Combined with my red top and a sheer cardigan, it made me look like a model. It gave me the needed confidence.
I wanted Micheal to realise his mistake. I wanted to be with him again. I needed his attention.
Obviously, with this outfit I got a lot of attention. But when he saw me he hesitated and then shrugged, turning away from me again.

The pain had never left my heart, which is why his action didn’t hurt me more in that moment. So, I held my head high, passing him with a sexy smile.
What I hadn’t noticed was the other boy I had passed who got more effected by my actions than anyone else. But he will be part of this story soon.

P.E. was the period where I wanted to do it. Micheal loved me cheerleading and a little extra wouldn’t hurt right?
Or so I had thought. Again, I’m sparing you the details since my little sexy *cough* embarrassing *caugh* performance is something I like to forget, even though it lead to my personal happy end…

“That was brilliant!”, my best friend Liz told me, “You look so sexy today! I bet Micheal is drooling by now.” One look at the jocks showed me that he wasn’t. There was just this look on his face which I knew so well but I could never point out what was going on in his head.
The bell rang before the jocks made their way towards us to go to their locker room. “Am I sexy enough now?”, I grabbed Micheal ’s arm and winked at him before slowly biting my lower lip.
(yeah, I really did that…)
“You’ve never really been sexy!”, he laughed loudly while shaking his head.

His words hurt like hell but there was this little angel that I had not expected at all:
Turning around, I bumped into Peter Parker.
“NED! WHY DID- oh hey, Y/N!”, he chuckled nervously, giving Ned a strange look before looking at me again.
“Hi, Peter.”, I forced a smile, blinking away upcoming tears.
“You- You know my… uh, I j-just wanted… to tell you… Micheal is an asshole. Don’t listen to him. And even if it doesn’t mean anything to you…”, he mumbled, paused, sighed and then spoke again, “I-I think you’re… ravishing.”
A genuine smile formed on my lips, his words fighting the mean words that Micheal had just planted in my head. “Thank you, Peter.”, I replied softly, my hand reaching out to brush his arm as I felt tingles in my hand.

I was thinking about Peter’s words the whole day, realising that Micheal, or anyone else, had never said anything like that to me.

“You have to make him jealous.”, Liz suggested for the hundredth time while we were sitting in the cafeteria the next day.
“Hmm.”, I only responded before taking another bite of my sandwich.
“Spent your day with…”, her eyes roamed the cafeteria before spotting my little angel that had been on my mind the whole time, “ah! Peter Parker. Flirt with him, you know, body contact… Micheal won’t like it and you’ll have him back by the end of the day.”

I hesitated. Using Peter to my own god wasn’t right. He was too kind. Out of all people he had said the sweetest words I had ever heard and they were directed to me.

That moment was the exact moment I had lost any interest in my ex boyfriend. I had spent a lot of time thinking about Peter’s words and then, in this moment, I realised that he was right. Micheal is an asshole.

“Maybe I don’t want to.”, I mumbled quietly, staring at Peter who was wildly gesticulating and making me smile. “But Y/N, the whole week you-”, Liz began but I interrupted her, “Liz, I just realised that Micheal is an asshole. Peter told me that yesterday and… I’m gonna explain later okay?”

Without waiting for an answer I stood up and went over to Peter and Ned, standing in front of them. “Hi, boys.”, I smiled at them, instantly getting their attention, “Peter, I… wanted to thank you again. You opened up my eyes. I think I just needed someone to tell me that Micheal is an asshole. Someone as cute as you.”
Peter’s lips parted slowly, his eyes widening before looking at Ned who had the exact look on his face.
“Yeah, n-no problem.”, Peter stuttered, a deep blush creeping over his cheeks.

“Can I talk to you in private?”, I asked him softly, before my hand touched his which had been resting on the table. Again, these tingles rushed through my arm.
“No, yeah- I mean, yes thats-”, Peter replied and I chuckled to myself. He was really cute.

Standing in the barely filled hallway, I smiled at him before leaning against a locker. “I think I like you.”, I began, watching his eyes full with joy, “And I know we don’t know a lot about each other…”
“I know- more… about you then you think.”, Peter admitted nervously, looking into my eyes with so much love.
“And I’m pretty sure I’m going to know everthing about you.”, I replied firmly.

And I was right. Weeks passed in which I let myself become closer and closer to Peter, talking to him on very occasion in school. I openly flirted with him, loving the way the corner of his lips moved up when his cheeks blushed and his head tilted to the side.
Soon there followed movie nights an then one day it happened.

Cuddling into Peter’s side, I let out a satisfied sigh while my eyes were glued to the TV. We were laying on the couch in Peter’s flat watching Star Wars, even though I didn’t understand it. I wasn’t complaining because I loved listening to Peter rambling about it.

“You know that I’m in love with you, don’t you?”, Peter suddenly said, turning his head towards me. There was curiosity in his eyes while I couldn’t come up with a suitable reply.
I knew that there was something between us. It had been there since the beginning and to me it was pretty clear that it wasn’t only friendship.
“You know that I’m in love with you too, don’t you?”, was the best response that was in my head.
And it was also the right response.

Watching Peter’s lips form into a huge smile, he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine briefly, the familiar tingles coming from my lips this time.
“You’re the most perfect thing that ever happened to me.”, I whispered softly before kissing him again. The smile on Peter’s lips kept interrupting our kiss until he only pressed his forehead against mine, our noses brushing and my heart beat stopping.

“You deserve the world.”, Peter breathed out and I couldn’t stop smiling about his words.
“And the world doesn’t deserve you.”, I whispered before leaning in to kiss him again.

This boy gave me the kind of love I needed. It was simply another love than Micheal’s love and it was perfect.


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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #25

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Happy quarter life to this ridiculous feature. I need to stop procastinating on these.

The Lion at the End of the Tunnel by Outworld
Words: 3,488
Author’s Summary: Pidge bites off more than she can chew in an act of grand space piracy gone wrong. Aboard a dying starship with few options, she’s starting to think this might be her last mistake until she discovers a certain idiot has done something very stupid.
My Comments: Tagged Lance/Pidge but reads platonic. This is a great action fic with perfect character voices. I love these two together so very, very much.

Truce by kyanve
Words: 42,709 (WIP 7/?)
Author’s Summary: “EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IN EVERYONE ELSE’S HEADHOLES!” - because that feels like one of a few things that needs exploring.The new team can be a perfectly good one, but the odds of finding any five people who don’t know each other THAT well who’ll be thrilled with being mentally linked to giant sapient mechanical god-beasts and each other is basically nonexistent. It’s a recipe for whacking heads into it, avoiding it, trying to pretend it’s not there, and generally making an already awkward train wreck of a situation more awkward and confusing.Keith as main PoV because I would go insane doing this from more than one PoV and it would turn into more of a novel than it’s already looking like it’ll be, and who better to explore “sudden unasked for mental links to other beings” than someone with abandonment issues and trust issues everywhere *and* a few good big secrets?This starts around beginning of canon and I have parts to clean up and post going all the way through Season 2; it’s weaving through almost entirely off-camera things and side events. Spoilers bloody everywhere.
My Comments: REALLY fun missing scene-type fic with a great Keith perspective. It’s FUN and it does a great job of fleshing everyone out, and there are some truly fantastic ideas. I’m really enjoying this one.

Little Lions by MidnightCreator
Words: 5,111 (WIP 3/6)
Author’s Summary: Lance has a very bad day and his only upside is the comfort from the Blue Lion. The Blue Lion knows her Pilot needs her so she takes steps to be as close as she can be to him. Her actions set off a chain reaction amongst the other Lions as they all step up to be there for their Pilots.
My Comments: SO CUTE. I love lions-as-actual-lions, and this is especially good because the lions just want to make their pilots feel better. So it’s tiny lion shenanigans and oodles of H/C. MY FAVE COMBO.

Masks by TiedyedTrickster
Words: 9,588
Author’s Summary: Everyone has a mask, one that tells the world what character you’re destined to play in life, that tells people who you are. Except Lance’s mask doesn’t match him at all, and it’s driving Keith nuts.
My Comments: This is SUCH a creative and original concept. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s so, so cool. Starts out Lance-centric, but there’s lots of other stuff in there too, like fantastic Shiro and Keith and also REBEL MATT. Check it out!

An Unexpected Hero by nerdiekatie
Words: 2,102
Author’s Summary: “You tapped my knife to a Roomba? Where did you even get a Roomba?” Keith starts to peel his knife from the Roomba while Pidge is speaking. “She’s an old cleaning droid I found- Keith, no!” Pidge lunges forward to stop him. Keith just lifts the Roomba above his head, watching Pidge try to jump high enough to get her. “She needs to be able to defend herself!”
My Comments: This fandom has only the HIGHEST quality crack.

our native land draws all of us by SerenePanic
Words: 1,037
Author’s Summary: Coran is many things: advisor, mechanic, historian.Once, he was a father.
My Comments: My heart hurts. I love Coran so much.

De-Stressing by The_Sickfic_Sideblog for pinstripedJackalope
Words: 1,642
Author’s Summary: Keith is very stressed out. Pidge knows how to handle this. Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.
My Comments: This is really sweet, and I love how cool and competent Pidge is while Keith is falling apart. She really knows how to get past his defenses, and it’s lovely to see.

Qualifications by The_Sickfic_Sideblog
Words: 1,340
Author’s Summary: Pidge gets dehydrated, and the effects bring up sour memories.
My Comments: I would say “protect her,” but I think her team has that well in hand.

Ice Ice (Baby) by shishiswordsman
Words: 12,707 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: The Blue Pilot’s shoes become too big for Lance to fill. Literally. (Yes, it’s a kidfic. Sue me.)
My Comments: LOVE. De-aged Lance is quite realistic, and there’s beautiful, amazing art for every chapter, too! I am STOKED for more.

Skirt, Dirt, Worth by ardett
Words: 6,354
Author’s Summary: Lance wants to see Pidge wear skirts and makeup. (But really he doesn’t.)
My Comments: This made me ache, but there’s a lot of loveliness and courage in here, too. Lance needs love and acceptance so much, and it takes some work, but his team is able to give him that.

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia
Words: 18,010
Author’s Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
My Comments: Thace/Ulaz. I adore this characterization of the Blade, especially Ulaz as a scientist who is very smart and methodical, but also has almost too much heart and compassion. Baby Keith is perfect, and I was very satisfied with the ending, though I’m happy there are more stories in the series, too.

Lost in the Stars by WingedChickadee
Words: 3,440 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: They didn’t see him. They didn’t see the lion falling quickly towards the planet’s surface through the debris of broken Galra ships. They heard his shout of pain and shock, but not what happened. Six people all assumed he made it back to the castle, they didn’t notice the missing paladin. No one noticed. Not a batted eye or turn of a head.When the paladin wakes up, he is injured and alone. Now, he has to try and survive until he can find a way home.
My Comments: Oh no, LANCE. This is very well-written and scary, and I really need more.

lost & found by luoup (ravenic)
Words: 7,006
Author’s Summary: The wormhole has been rent apart by Haggar’s magic, and the Paladins are lost.
My Comments: Really lovely little fic. A well-done take on the post-season 1 scenario, with an excellent conclusion that made me happy-sigh.

Under Pressure, I Break by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 2,728
Author’s Summary: Lance was more hurt than he let on after their visit to the water planet where the wormhole spat them out. His injuries are aggravated further during their fight with Ulaz, and then the Robeast. When it finally becomes apparent just how injured he is, Hunk can only blame himself.
My Comments: Hance. I love love LOVE the focus on Hunk in this fic. Though Lance is the one physically hurt, Hunk is the one who needs to be loved and reassured. Lovely little fic.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by nerdiekatie
Words: 1,745
Author’s Summary: He’s glad the paladins only have a low-level telepathic connection. Shiro is one hundred percent sure that if he could everything Pidge is feeling, he would be on his ass. As it is, Shiro has the distinction impression that Pidge can see time and taste shapes right now.
My Comments: I take back what I said earlier. They really REALLY need to protect her. Mostly from herself.

You’re Our Sharpshooter by safety_dancer for spacekidwrites
Words: 1,302
Author’s Summary: My take on how Shiro reacts to hearing Lance call himself Voltron’s seventh wheel.
My Comments: Very sweet little fic. I want something like this to happen so bad.

Out of Phase by LittleWhiteTie
Words: 6,571 (WIP 2/4)
Author’s Summary: Shiro is lost, only able to contact the paladins during their dreams. He helps them through their nightmares when they need him the most, but it’s getting harder and harder to find them as he starts to lose track of what’s real and what’s imagined. He’s losing his grip on this reality, and his sense of self is beginning to fall apart. He’s going to need their help to get back before he disappears entirely.
My Comments: FANTASTIC Post-S2 concept, just amazing. GAH, it makes me hurt, but it’s so lovely. Really, really want some more.

Audio/Visual Quest by Dynared21
Words: 15,298
Author’s Summary: Pidge and Lance have journeyed to a mysterious planet in order to find the technical details to Zarkon’s fortress…as well as a TV that they can hook up their Gamestation to! But who owns the mysterious collection they run across, and will the pair be able to escape with their gains? Or will they end up the newest exhibits of this collector?
My Comments: Really fun, action-packed, episode-like fic. I’m super happy that S2 has seemed to encourage more fics with Pidge and Lance interacting. They’re such a fantastic combo.

Feeling Blue by spitfire00
Words: 2,962
Author’s Summary: Lance is feeling worthless. Pidge reminds him just how important he is.
My Comments: Have I mentioned lately how much I love Lance and Pidge? Anyway, I love the way she just shoves her way in there and refuses to leave. Lance needs a stubborn little sister to love him.

The Long Walk Home by nerdiekatie
Words: 5,488
Author’s Summary: What happens when you get your unexpected and unwanted period in space? What happens when your armor doesn’t have pockets for your inhaler? On a stealth mission, Pidge and Hunk are stranded and forced to walk to the Green Lion. They’re racing against time and their own bodies. Will they make it back?
My Comments: This fic is GRUELING, but I love seeing the two geniuses of Team Voltron being badass and strong despite their unique difficulties.

Weekend Guests by TheBeckster
Words: 6,906 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Voltron had been too late. They hadn’t been able to stop the Galra this time. As the Paladins pick their way through a leveled city, they come across a group of survivors and find themselves way out of their element. Everyone except Lance, that is.
My Comments: Fantastic start! I love Lance with kids, and he’s particularly competent and wise and adorable here. The kids all feel like kids with their own personalities, which can be tricky. Waiting patiently for more. (Not that patiently.)

Big Stick Diplomacy by windscryer
Words: 3,496
Author’s Summary: Keith is bad at diplomacy, but he is trying. Pidge… not so much.
My Comments: Protective Pidge! Savage on Keith’s behalf! Everyone is extremely protective, too, but Pidge takes the cake. She will take you down if you even THINK about looking at her family funny, and Keith is her boy.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Hold Up Half the Sky by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
This Is New by TheHomestuckWhovian
bombs and bullets by ashinan
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Blue and Bruised by DizzyBunnies
Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Altar of Storms by VelkynKarma  (now complete, and incredibly satisfying)
Prison Bonds by GriffinRose (complete)
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Burning by CranberryBat
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
So Here’s what You’re Not Going to Do by BreakTheDawn (now complete)
Stronger Than They Know (The Caretaker) by unfortunatelynormal
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Chrono Story by Crowoxy (now complete)


Wow! Yes, this is a short story because I really need this space to say… wow. Thanks for the supporting my others two posts, I’m stunned with your reaction. Thanks again!!

Imagine you being a normal girl, who found yourself backing up to Jerome’s speech on GCPD.  

The bar was full that night, even if the Maniax attacked once more, now the police department.

“Hey, pretty baby! Where’s my coffee”

As I said, the bar was full, and “I’m only one, wait a bit”. My boss hated when I “do this with your eyes… roll them”. But when the bar was full (sounds like tonight), it was impossible not to do such mania. Mainly when the “pretty baby” felt like knives in my intestine.

But, well, the coffee wasn’t ready, the usual cops were dead (thank god) and my boss left the TV on.

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Pastel: Well, I’ve been anticipating this way before my introduction was even finished, so here we are! I know I haven’t contributed that much to the fandom as of now, but I’ve seen so many different and unique blogs across my time on here that I thought that I would pay a bit of a tribute, per se, to some of my favourites! I’m ordering the pictures in order of when I drew them, and I literally used up most of the ink in my felt tip pen just to do all of these XD


I found you when you started following me, and I thought your design for Bendy was so cute that I couldn’t resist drawing them! As a ‘Fluffy Bendy’ supporter (since my own Bendy is quite fluffy as well), the gloves and skirt just made your design stand out even more to me!


One of the first Bendy blogs I ever came across, your design in particular for an angel Bendy (and your art style in general) was just really cool to me, and it still is! The purple poncho and adorable bow was a perfect choice in my mind. I also love the recent redesign you gave him with the extra halos and cross on the bow! 

 @bartenderbendy & @ask-ladybendy 

 My god, you guys are so cute together! I had found Tendy first, and I really enjoyed his blunt and funny interactions with everyone he met. XD When I had found the ref sheet for Lady and saw the parasol, I thought it would be a really cute addition to the pic! Also, I kind of set the picture in the scenario of post-Oswald fight where they are just spending some time with each other. P.S: Yes, Tendy is still wearing the wedding dress XD 


 As a Bendy OC blog, I find this to be one of the most cool and original characters I’ve seen. Honey is as sweet a character as her name suggests, and her design was a joy to draw! 

 @ask-mischievousbendy & @ask-sensitive-bendy 

 #CutestOTP. I’m serious. Both of their personalities work really well off each other, and they are both just really adorable! I had found Shy first, and he is really adorable and sweet to anyone he meets. And I had found Mischief not long before the two got together, and he is very cute and kind too! Also, when the proposal happened I was so giddy with joy! 


What do I fucking say about Fucky? Well… I can definitely commend the artist for the extreme expressions they are able to create, and the fact that they are only a year older than me?! I am quite envious, I will admit; but it also inspires me to be more experimental with my own art, so I definitely had a lot of fun drawing Fucky!


I can’t recall how I found this blog, but I was instantly interested when I saw the bright, neon colours and detailed lineart. This is definitely a really unique design for Boris, and the concept is really cool in my eyes!


You’re the latest blog I’ve found, but I still love the design of this lil’ one! The concept alone of being able to grant a single wish to anyone is really intriguing to me, and the design for them is just so adorable with their big eyes and their long poncho/cape.


 I hope you all enjoy the fan art! I love all of your tumblrs very much, and I can’t wait for more amazing work from all of you!


Ok guys, here is a lovely bridal dress for your simmies. I created it to look more ‘‘original’‘ and sexy .

  • Skirt mesh edit made by me. It may not work with some tops and boots.
  • Please dont claim as your own, copy, or modify.

DOWNLOAD SET (Simfileshare)

♥ Thank you for the support and all the love ♥