WARNING! SLASH content! (I have no idea how to put it before the actual pic, if anyone knows that please tell me how to) Otherwise if it’s not your thing, don’t look at it.

The one ship above all… for me at least ^^ Walon Vau/Kal Skirata for you. And yes, Kal is standing on his tiptoes, because he has no box around to stand on.

Partly dedicated to the-lone-wolffe-khaleesi​, and ironicpeaches​. I hope you will like it guys. The Kalon army needs more members.

I have to be positive *facepalm*. Sorry tumblr that I dumped this shit over you, I just can’t say it in reality since there is literally no one around and I’m laying sick in an empty house.

So as in the name of positivity and productivity, I will post one of my doodles, about my one true pairing, which is Walon Vau/Kal Skirata or Kalon in a shorter version. You can throw rocks at me but they are married in my head and no one will convince me about the opposite.

ironicpeaches, there is a shout out for you since I feellucky that our little Kalon army has amember like you. I hope you will like the doodle. I’ll tag you, so you’ll know where to look.

You never have perfect knowledge in combat, gentleman.

It’s what we call the fog of war. You can either sit around worrying what’s real and what’s not, or you can realize the enemy hasn’t got a clue either and fire off a few rounds of psychology. A truly great army is one that only has to rattle its saber to win a war.

—  Sergeant Kal Skirata
Sharp Contrasts

Life was all sharp contrasts; you couldn’t appreciate joy without understanding sorrow. Happy guests at this kind of meal were a reminder to the unhappy that life would be good again one day, and the mourners reminded those celebrating not to take a moment of life for granted. The act was one of assertion, of looking for the positive side of the moment. -Karen Traviss. Star Wars: Imperial Commando: 501st

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I was tagged by cinni-bear,  thank you :)

Name: Jayne
Nickname: Jawsy
Birthday: June 1
Star sign:
Gender: female
Height: 161cm
Time and date at current moment: 12:20 25-06-15
Average hours of sleep: 10
Lucky number: 35
The last thing that I googled: ‘Gigan bandcamp’
First word that comes to mind: boob
How many blankets do I sleep under: 2
Favourite fictional character: Ordo Skirata
Favourite famous person:
Celebrity crush:

Favourite book: Friday by Robert Heinlein
Favourite anime:
Favourite TV shows: Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Supernatural
Favourite band:  Anaal Nathrakh
Last movie seen in the theatre: Mad Max Fury Road
Dream holiday: I don’t really like travel, but Iceland, I guess
Dream job: what I’m doing (coding), but full time and permanent
What am I wearing right now: Insect Warfare tee
Last book I read: Marvel X-Men Gifted

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Ten Favourite characters in no particular order meme thing (tagged by isabeaudargyll)

  • Sansa Stark (GoT)
  • Princess Leia
  • Ellie (TLOU)
  • Mina Harker (Dracula by Bram Stoker)
  • Indiana Jones
  • Grunt (Mass Effect)
  • Legion (Mass Effect)
  • Mordin (Mass Effect)
  • Kal Skirata (Republic Commando)
  • Aveline (Dragon Age)

Imagine a Midnight Crew/Republic Commando crossover!!!

Slick as Darman
Droog as Niner
Deuce as Fi
Boxcars as Atin
Jack Noir (kids session) as Kal Skirata
Snowman as Uthan
Doc Scratch as Ghez Hokan
WV as Bardan
PM as Besany Wennen
AR as Ordo
WQ as Jilka
Grub Karkat as Venku

… And Ms. Paint as Etain!!!!

The oMIDNIGHT squad
or the omega crew