The Houses as Nice Sounds

Ravenclaw: Rain pounding on the windows. Book pages being turned. The world underwater. A heart beating. The flutter as cards are shuffled. Piano music. The whisper of the wind.

Gryffindor: Fire crackling. A cat purring. The pop as a cork is removed from a bottle. Thunder. High heels tapping against tile floors. Birdsong. The roaring crescendo of applause.

Slytherin: Waves crashing against the sand. Fresh snow crunching underfoot. Whale song. Coins clinking against each other. Ice cubes in a glass. Old music. The silence right after a storm.

Hufflepuff: Laughter. Leaves rustling in the breeze. The soft murmur of a stream. Bumblebees buzzing. Stones skipping across a lake. Bubbles popping. The final note before a song fades away.

What Each House Collects

Slytherin: Paper cuts and old parchment with ink stains. Love letters that were never sent. Cardboard shoe boxes of bottlecaps. Old family jewelry, coins from other countries, and coats with elbow patches. Broken shards of handmade pottery. Clippings of newspaper headlines and leaves that were pressed in place of flowers.

Ravenclaw: Sheet music and books with dog-eared pages. Silver spoons. Broken watches. Candles and old typewriters with sticky keys. Glass jars full of colorful pebbles, the silver chains of necklaces, and old train tickets. Journals brimming with empty pages. Feathers and empty inkwells.

Hufflepuff: Patterned socks and dusty buttons. Flowers pressed between book pages. Photographs stuffed in envelopes. String and the gold parts of candy wrappers. Chipped mugs, skipping stones, and family recipes. Bark from the tree in front of a childhood home. Maps and wire-rimmed eyeglasses.

Gryffindor: Old Quidditch brooms and fraying quilts. Broken wands. Shoes with holes at the toes. Brass bells and memories of laughter. Scars, empty bottles, and cozy sweaters. Unused tea bags. Mirrors that fit in the palm of a hand and seashells that sound like the ocean.

In you I see everything I love. I hear my favorite songs in your laugh and smell my favorite flowers on your skin. When I look in your eyes I see the river I skipped stones on as a child and when we kiss it feels like the first I picked up an instrument. Most importantly in you I see the thing I love more than anything. You.
—  /Oliver

moon in pisces is a dream you never quite wake up from
moon in scorpio is a turbulent storm that blinds you and makes you beg for mercy until you realize you don’t need it
moon in cancer is skipping stones across a pond, only the pond is you and the stones are environmental stimuli and the rippling of water is you laughing and crying
moon in aries is a lightning bolt that takes off at dawn and paints the sky red with impulsive wonder
moon in sagittarius is a smile you don’t want to take off riding a motorcycle to the moon and taking notes on your arm that no one ever sees until you deliver your analysis on moon rocks to the citadel
moon in leo is a king in search of her crown in love with his people hungry for admiration, because no matter how much you love yourself you can’t help but want the public stamp of approval
moon in aquarius is never coming down again, eyes on the sky, feet dangling just above the ground, and shameless alienosity that works its way deep into your veins
moon in libra is singing in the rain and regretting nothing and everything at the same time but never the harmony, swing dancing and laughing at the sun well past twilight, holding someone’s hand and thinking of them right before sleep
moon in gemini is a double tongued mouth home to twice the usual amount of mischief and wonder, thinking faster than most people breathe and asking them to chatter along with you
moon in virgo is trying to feel everything with as little emotion as possible but selflessly divulging important fragments of yourself to other people for the good of everyone involved, and keeping your wits about you even at sea
moon in taurus is arriving home at last, holding hands with your mother and nestling yourself in her arms, and then learning how to be your own mother, the tall woman inside you
moon in capricorn is rising up again and again and again and kicking the stones away from your path and wiping your bloodied hands on your pants because life keeps going and so do you, it’s dancing despite tendinitis