I say it a lot, but I draw some of my characters so infrequently that when I feel the need to draw them again I need to update them to my current style while I’m at it. Drawing Edgar and Skippermon again and I felt like the latter needed some tweaking.  And crappp he came out lookin’ pretty cute! I might derp around with his body structure a bit as well, but that’s for another day.

I promise you I’ve drawn more than a head today. I drew a body too! Really! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish that pic soon to prove it.

I completely forgot to finish these Xrosses, so I finished this and the realized that I haven’t even thought about the three form Xros, whoops.

Skippermon! Rollimon! DigiXros!

Not only does Skippermon gain armor with this Xros, but he also gains the ability to roll up like a wheel to both move around and attack using Cellarbuster.

The references I could make with this Xros only came to mind after I drew it. It took everything I had not to have him ‘got to go fast’.