I say it a lot, but I draw some of my characters so infrequently that when I feel the need to draw them again I need to update them to my current style while I’m at it. Drawing Edgar and Skippermon again and I felt like the latter needed some tweaking.  And crappp he came out lookin’ pretty cute! I might derp around with his body structure a bit as well, but that’s for another day.

I promise you I’ve drawn more than a head today. I drew a body too! Really! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish that pic soon to prove it.

I completely forgot to finish these Xrosses, so I finished this and the realized that I haven’t even thought about the three form Xros, whoops.

Skippermon! Rollimon! DigiXros!

Not only does Skippermon gain armor with this Xros, but he also gains the ability to roll up like a wheel to both move around and attack using Cellarbuster.

The references I could make with this Xros only came to mind after I drew it. It took everything I had not to have him ‘got to go fast’.

My entry for the Digital World Chapionship 2012 on DA. I’ve seen so many wonderful entries that I’m really excited to see what comes of this competition!

I’ve actually had quite a few OC Digimon and Tamers through the naturally I took a completely unrelated OC and made a new Digimon partner for him. Though this was mainly because there are so many younger characters in the contest, so I thought I would add a little variety to the mix. I quite honestly haven’t done anything with Edgar since 2009, so it will be fun to develop him a bit!

The competition can be found here: