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Are these people I reblog a lot from? Because I actually don’t…. I don’t even know half of these Tumblrs! I don’t get Tumblr crushes lol somebody explain it to me please! 

Disneyland Day 2!!

Well it dumped on us. Now I’m from Washington, and rain does not phase me but I saw some crazy weather today!

My dance students and I all went on Tower of Terror together, we filled an entier car and pretended to sleep in the picture, silly but they all had fun :D

My husband and I went back to the hotel to wait out the rain, when we headed back into the park it was fairly dry for a few hours. But then the craziest thing happend:

It was clear, my husband and I were in line for Jungle Cruise and then within 2 mins it started pouring rain, then dumping hail, then nothing. it was some of the weirdest weather i’ve ever seen.

We then lucked out and got Skipper Mike’s boat! Now, Jungle Cruise has always been my FAVORITE ride at DLR and I’ve seen tons of Skippers, but Mike is by far the best skipper I’ve ever had! He was hilarious, adding jokes about the rain. Great job Mike!

We also saw Mickey and Minnie on our way out. :P

Now We’re back at our hotel, resting up for tomorrow. 2 more days left then it’s back to Seattle.

braverthanyoublieve asked:

Hi, I know you probably get a ton of asks every day and maybe you wont get to answer mine, but am I right that you work at Disneyland? (If im wrong im going to feel really dumb) I was only asking because it's kind of my dream to work there and I was just wondering how you got the job, did you go to college and if so did you major in something in particular? Sorry for bugging you, I just really wanna know how to get in there!

I’m actually a loser and don’t get too many asks to the point where I don’t answer them! :) hahaha but it’s cool that you thought that :P!

Don’t feel dumb… but I don’t work at Disneyland! Haha I’m a cast member at the DISNEY STORE<3 But if I remember correctly, you don’t have to major in anything particular. You apply and get interviewed like any other jobs :)

If anything, ask Mike or Kathryn. They’re the only Disneyland cast members I can think of right now :)

They kept me a half hour after my shift... BOO! but more importantly:

I missed Skipper Mike’s last post before he deleted his blog! did anyone see what it was before he deleted? He was one of my favorite blogs, so I just wanted to know what he had to say. 

You would say “bote”! haha

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