Eloise goes up to the counter of the Starbucks in the Plaza Hotel with Weenie, Skipperdee, Saylor and Sabine. She orders cappuccinos and scones for all of them and sets everyone up in a tea party near the door, where she stays all day, chatting to every customer who passes through. She wears a zarf on her head. A zarf makes a very good hat.


historical-fiction says, “I’ve loved this fabulous little gal since I was a kid. I mean, she lives at The Plaza… how do you beat that?! To this very day, I still visit her portrait which hangs near The Palm Court.”

***final call for selfie recreation submissions***

as some of you may know already, i’m working on a tiny project where people create my webcam selfies. i’ve already gotten a bunch of submissions but i just want to post a friendly reminder that i’m accepting submissions up until this wednesday 3/12 morning! you can pick anyone of my selfies (there are a lot) if you need a starting point look here and just email your version and a link to/my original version to

looking forward to seeing your selfies!

^above recreation is by tumblr user skipperdee