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@newsiestober day 10 - favourite quote

i don’t need the limp to sell papes! i got personality!


30 Day Baseball Challenge 

Day 8: All-time favorite MLB game, The Cleveland Indians win 22 consecutive games in the 2017 season to pass the 2002 ‘Moneyball’ A’s for the longest winning streak in Expansion Era

(This isn’t my all time favorite mlb game but I wanted to pick something in the 2017 season. My all time favorite would be either game seven of the 2014 and 2016 World Series) 

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solangelo #21

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21 “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

One would think that, as a Demigod, Nico would be used to things going wrong.  Except, as of late, things for Nico had been going uncharacteristically right for a blessed change.

Some of it had to do with the fact that he had friends - people who actually wanted to sit with at lunch and who wanted him on his team during games and who asked him for advice on sword fighting.  Some of it had to do with how he actually viewed himself - he wasn’t as weary of his powers as before.  He still had to keep them in check, still made sure he was in control at all times, but when he shadow-travelled or raised a bone or two it wasn’t meet with disgust or fear.  And some of it also had to do with the son of Apollo who was dragging him off towards the Strawberry Fields that moment with a basket around his arm.

“A picnic,” Nico mused.  “We’re really doing that cliche?”

“Heck yes we’re doing that cliche,” Will pronounced proudly.  He shot a brilliant grin back at him.  “And I even managed to score some Cokes off of the Hermes cabin.”

“Woo,” he answered dully and Will squeezed his hand.

“You have the blanket, right?” Will asked happily as he chose a spot.  Nico sighed and spread out the quilt from his own bed.  It was faded and black, a stark and somewhat unsettling contrast to the bright and cheery fields around them, but if Will noticed he didn’t say a word.  He only toed off his flip-flops and started to unpack their lunch.

It had been going smoothly - as smooth as protecting their food from bees and ants and nymphs could go - until all of the sudden a raindrop smacked Nico’s cheek.  He blinked in confusion at the sky.  “It’s raining.”

A clap of thunder boomed overhead and Will jumped.  “Someone must’ve upset the Iris campers,” he said.  His shoulders sagged as he sighed.  “Guess we should pack up.”

By the time they’d gotten their things together, it was a full on storm.  Nico was cursing, using his quilt as a makeshift umbrella for the two of them, and rushed Will across the green, desperate for shelter, when Will suddenly stopped.

“Will!” Nico hissed.  “C’mon!  Hurry up!”

Will had turned his face to the rain, mouth open, as if trying to catch some drops.  “It’th jutht water,” he said with his tongue still out.  “Relaxth.”

“Seriously? We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Will turned to him and then broke into a smile.  “Maybe that’s not all I wanna feel,” he flirted and pulled a red-faced Nico into a warm hug.

Even when things went wrong, Will had a way of setting them uncharacteristically right.

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Hi! exasperated rushed Minkey maybe??? "I don’t have time to play tour guide." C:

Minho is ordinarily a very polite person- the soul of courtesy if one will- but his current situation is far from ordinary. Attempting to herd four small children and one sobbing baby through a busy airport with just twenty minutes until the plane boards would exasperate anyone beyond any ordinary expectation of manners.

“Daddy,” says Minjun, one of the five-year-old twins. He tugs at Minho’s trouser leg, dragging him to a halt. “Daddy, I feel sick.” 

The six-month-old baby in the carrier-backpack strapped to Minho’s back cries louder, in ear-piercing, deafening wails. Minho’s left arm aches from carrying two-year-old Seoyun on his hip, and the two other girls- Minjun’s twin Minseo and seven-year-old Jiyoon- promptly start squabbling for possession of some stuffed toy or other. 

“I feel really sick,” adds Minjun seriously into this chaos, and promptly throws up all over himself and Minho’s leg.

Minho inhales a deep breath to calm himself down- why he’d thought he could manage all five kids on his own for this trip, he has no idea- and tries to formulate a plan of action that involves cleaning up vomit and still making it to their flight on time in the next eighteen minutes.

“Um, excuse me,” says a hesitant voice from behind him. “Would you happen to know where the shuttle to Terminal C is? I’m a bit lost-”

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