skipped a frame :(


Holy Ground from you know where lmao. (And always, If giffing skip every three frames)

Ted the Animator: “I think you might have skipped some between frames, seeing as he does this a couple times.”

Carl the Animator: “Nah, he’s just on waaaaay too much caffeine.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, y’know what, that’s fair.”


This is the Enchanted / Wildest dreams performance from you know where lmao. (And as always, if you gif this with photoshop skip every three frames)

anonymous asked:

Could u do a tutorial on how to transition in animatics? I really love how you whoosh from a character to another character (ex: 0:15 in A Winter's Ball). You said in your Q&A that you don't think you would be a good teacher but I just wanna know how you do it, man. Anything will be beyond appreciated, haha. ❤

so u have a frame rite!!! u just make it smaller and add these lines around it to add movement (i also recommend adding motion blur)

(looks kind of like an awkward meme but like this frame will only last 0.10 seconds so) anyway u make it very short!!

and draw the frame u want it to transition to!!

if u want to make it smoother i recommend these windows movie maker effects too!! altho in windows movie maker you have to draw them in specific locations for it to work since it only has a number of options!

but at least you can skip the middle frame part!

remember to add 2 frames!!! of the same one! one for viewing and one for transition!

hope that helped in some way lmao