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phil didn't do a liveshow last week nd i Miss him :(

i skipped my after school clubs for him and he didn’t show :( wtf phil :( im not gonna be busy this week hopefully he’s doing one

Will was good at hiding.

He was good at putting on a plastic smile and assuring everyone that he was fine, that he was happy, that everything was how it should be.

But the truth was that he wasn’t and that nothing was.

He kept quiet about how nearly every night he’d jolt awake in his bed, his breathing quick and shallow, his entire body coated with a fine layer of sweat. Pulling the blanket tighter around him, curling into the smallest ball he could and trying so hard to fall back asleep because he knew sleep deprivation lead to hallucinations and he couldn’t take those too.

He kept quiet about skipping lunch at school because he never felt hungry and was always too anxious to eat. Lucas, Dustin and Mike always tried to get him to open up, concern lacing their features but they knew not to push him, just offered a shoulder to lean on if he needed one. Will gave them a soft smile and an even softer, “thanks guys”.

He kept quiet about how he’d flash back to that place even just for a moment, how the slime and smell threatened to suffocate him before he snapped back into our world. He never heard or saw the demogorgon in those moments but the fear was still always there. He had quit puking up slugs not too long after he had returned, he felt less sick now. No one had known he’d been dealing with those, so he quietly rejoiced to himself. It was bittersweet.

He kept quiet about the bullies who targeted him. How they would drag him to the boy’s bathroom and dunk his head into the swirling water until he was begging for them to let him breathe. They’d take his things and vandalize them, saying they weren’t worth anything anyway. Called him names, shoved him around, ground his already fragile heart into the dirt. He’d pick himself up at the end of the day and go home to clean himself up before the boys could see him, before his mom and Jonathan could see him.

They already do so much for me, why add anything more? He would think.

Will was good at hiding, even from himself.

u wanna talk about how Mike Wheeler brought Eleven home BEFORE he knew that she had powers or knew about Will??? u wanna talk about how he let her stay in his basement even after she told him people were threatening her (and possibily his) life??? u wanna talk about how he skipped school to stay with her even though she admitted that she was a dangerous person to be around??? u wanna talk about how he scolded Dustin for trying to use her powers for his own entertainment??? u wanna talk about how Mike Wheeler never once asked Eleven to use her powers for him??? u wanna talk about how pure and good hearted Mike Wheeler is because goddamn that boy is amazing

Ahhh, I miss the beach hotels 

“The Sweetest Language that I know”

Hecking love this song💜👌


Skipping school to go on a road trip with Stiles.

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