150520: Jungyeon’s Fancafe Post

150520: Hello to our fans!

This is A6P’s leader Jungyeon~

Today, finally, everyone and us has been waiting for our music to be released online.
My heart is overfilled with joy because up until now, today, we’ve zealously worked to show these results.
Everyone believe this!

Please give our title track “Face Off” a lot of love.
In the future we’ll work harder for the second song, for the third song and even longer – we’ll become a group that doesn’t disappoint!
I believe we can do this with you ~♥

Thank you very, very much! So, next time I’ll see you on the broadcast stage! Don’t skip dinner and have a good day!

Trans cr; Kaytie @ a6pboys
© take out with full credits!

I'm kind of annoyed right now. I just saw a post that said 'skip dinner, be thinner' and it had over 5,000 notes. It's proven that skipping meals doesn't make you lose weight long term. I have lost almost 50 pounds in the last 10 months and I have not skipped one meal. I still eat and sometimes I even eat junk food and I workout almost everyday... so don't starve yourself girls.