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“I will be back for you at four, Mr. di Angelo,” Jules Albert, his driver, said, his heavy french accent causing a heavy drab in his words, “Your father would like to speak to you.”

“Whatever,” Nico replied, looking out his black-tinted window. If his father wanted to speak to him, Nico thought, then he must have done something serious.

His father barely had time for his own son, heck, only child and neither of them bothered to mend their broken relationship. His father hadn’t gotten over his dead mother, was always busy with work, even though he was a multi-millionaire and Nico supposed his father hadn’t gotten over him being…gay. Nico’s sexuality was still a sore topic between father and son.

Shaking himself out of his dismal thoughts, he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder, exiting the BMW. Dragging his shaggy black hair to cover his eyes, he crossed the campus of the Denzel Washington Memorial high school. Nobody got in his way, as usual and he stopped in front of his locker, making sure his ‘leave me alone’ vibe was intact.

His heart ached when saw a familiar mop of sunny blonde hair. He had knocked his books down, as usual, and no one was helping him pick them up. An idea crossed Nico. If he helped Will Solace, then Will would be forced to talk to him. Two birds, one stone.

He crossed the distance and crouched down, picking the biology textbook up. Classic Will, he thought. Will was the biggest nerd Nico knew, always at the top of his class, always acing his tests. Will wanted to be a doctor, like his dad and Nico always knew he could do it. Will was a ray of sunshine. He never said no to a teacher, always handing in his assignments on time, doing extra reading.

Ironic that someone as good as Will would be attracted to Nico.

“Here,” he whispered, handing the book over to Will. Bright, beautiful blue eyes looked up to meet Nico’s haunted, dark ones, his lips parted in a small smile as if he were going to speak.

“Nicholas,” Will gasped, his small smile gone.

“Nico, Will,” Nico corrected, surprising himself at the gentleness in his tone.

“Whatever, just,” tears rose up in Will’s eyes and Nico felt his heart skip a beat. Will scrambled to get his things together, “just stay away from me.”

Looking at Will’s retreating figure, Nico felt as if he’d been stabbed. Will wasn’t the only one hurting. Will wasn’t the only one who had let himself become vulnerable. Will wasn’t the only one who opened up.

Nico had let Will in. Nico had told Will about his demons, he’d let Will Solace become his solace. Nico was falling in love, and he was happy, for the first time. When they were together, Nico felt as if he were complete. As if he could smile at his demons and say, “come at me.”

But somewhere along the line, things changed. Whether it was because of his bad reputation or whether it was because Will was going through a hard time with his parent’s divorce, Nico wasn’t sure. They started drifting apart. And one day, the string holding their relationship together snapped. Nico did the stupidest thing he’d ever done in his life, which was saying alot, he did a lot of stupid things before, and broke up with Will.

Now, after two weeks, Nico was determined to get him back.

Crack interpretation of the Buddy System footage we have

AKA Buddy System as a ‘What Happens in Vegas’ AU

Rhink get drunk hitched in Vegas. Link just wanted to have a drink and a spin at the casino before he turned in for the night - but he gets annoyed by a giant, loud-mouthed Vegas Jesus at the end of the bar. He called him Vegas Jesus because of his admittedly luscious dirt blonde long hair and his beige pants. Somehow Vegas Jesus proclaiming that ‘the grumpy grandpas should be in bed by now’ and Link’s shot back that ‘discount Jesus is needed over by Elvis’ took a weird turn. That turn being hot hate sex in a room Link wasn’t entirely sure was his, laughing over nothing once they got two mini bars of alcohol in them - and then going back to the bar for more. 

Neither of them are sure when they got to the chapel, but Link is pretty sure it was some time after he tried to table dance on a craps table. (He can’t remember but he thinks the only reason he didn’t is because he fell over when he tried to lift his leg up). By the they time they wake up in bed together with rings on Link still can’t remember the name of the guy next to him beyond ‘Vegas Jesus’. He remembers when he’s shown CCTV footage of their ‘wedding’ as proof afterwards though

They get ordered to live as husbands for a full month before they are allowed to annul the marriage - complete with a court-appointed room-mate to monitor. They put on a show of domestic-ness for the sake of the courts; Link grows out his mustache and Rhett tames his mane of hair in a bun. He refuses to go as far as sporting the suburban dad look Link puts on though - because he likes his valour shirts too much. They also get jobs at a robotics factory ‘cause heck, they needed the money after legal fees and the Vegas bender.

Two weeks later they have a plan. 

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When Aphrodite says we are the same
I am arrogant enough to agree
She tells me she knows what it’s like
To look into eyes filled with love
Only feeling guilt
And I am swallowed by a sea of relief
She understands
There is suddenly a sister I never knew I had
When I tell her that men in love is the thing that scares me most
She only agrees
A history of eternities in her eyes
She knows the fear
And as my words overwhelm the room I realize
The goddess of love is just as afraid as I am
She has seen just as well as I have
How easily “I love you” becomes a demand
How easily it can be a threat
And when my words become skipping, scrambled
Pleas, begs for her to leave me, to let me be alone
She puts her hand over my mouth
She tells me of Hephaestus
And tells me she loves him
She tells me he listens to her
And believes her
I didn’t understand
But I knew it was important
No one has ever believed her before she told me
No one would believe a slut
And the word is an affection in he mouth
Because he believed her
As his family came to him with ravings of her infidelity
He listened
And he believed HER
And Aphrodite tells me she first fell in love with his hands
They were so steady, so strong, but never anything but gentle
And when they held her they weren’t filled with desire
But patience
She had never known patience before she told me
When she was a thing to be had she wasn’t something to be waited for
Then suddenly she was
And she told me that she had found me a lover and I didn’t believe her
And I begged her not to make him want me
I don’t want to be wanted
And she understood
And she gave me him
His hands were gentle as they held me, patient
He didn’t want me, he only took what I was able to give and he didn’t ask for more
And when I told her that he thought of me like a gift and not a promise
She didn’t understand
But she knew it was important
—  I Was Never Thankful for Love before (Harper Carter)
Magic V

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This time you really don’t want to be rude, but you are stunned into silence. His chest is heaving a little, but second after second his face falls. He shifts the weight from one leg to another and stuffs his hands into his pockets and shrugs, but you can see how much it costs him.

‘Anyway, I’ll send you the calculations by Saturday.’ His face is dark as he moves to walk away. That wakes you up from your stupor.

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Imagine the Freelancers taking turns making workout play lists.  York has caught so much crap for his taste in music that now he doesn’t even bother handpicking songs, just hits “shuffle” on his mp3 player, plugs it in and leaves it all up to chance.  This leads to one particular interesting session that included Frank Sinatra, a 18 minute long prog rock song that kept changing time signatures and throwing the Freelancers out of rhythm, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and whale song.  This practice ends the day he nearly drops a dumbbell on Wash’s foot while scrambling to skip forward past an erotic hypnosis recording that he had forgotten was on there, ignoring the other Freelancers’ laughter and calls to leave it on.

Dinner Dates and Play Dates (Hot For Teacher Chapter Two)

Later that night, Dawson was animated about her day at school. She just had to tell Olivia about each and every thing that they’d done, and she mentioned Mr. Grant in almost every sentence. Olivia, however, had a busy day at work and had a number of annoying problems come up; she had two meetings, back to back, and the clients weren’t quite confident about Olivia’s course of action regarding a deal.

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'Arrested Development's' Skip's scramble, bacon-wrapped dog and more breakfast

During Monday morning’s #Weekendeats chat on Twitter, participants celebrated breakfast, but not the traditional stuff. There were a couple pancakes in the mix but people really went outside the box this weekend with their creations. Here are the highlights:

Remember that time I was mentioned in the LA Times for the second time?