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12. you’re part of daresundays

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When Jai had asked you to be a part of daresundays, you had said yes without much hesitation. You knew that they had done a lot of really dumb shit, but you were game. Besides, how bad could it be if Jai thought you could compete?

However, when the first snake slithered behind your back, you jumped out of the water with a quick shriek. “No, Y/N!” Jai said disappointedly.

“Sorry, you’ll have to win it for the both of us.” You apologized quickly. Beau and Daniel, who had chickened out before you, laughed at the look of seriousness on Jai’s face and began to quietly chant the ship name that fans had come up with as a way of encouragement.

And you actually believed that he had a chance when James jumped out, leaving him with only his brother. You figured that Luke would be the one to bail because of the snake that had wrapped itself around his ankle, so it actually shocked you when your boyfriend leapt out, holding a spot on his lower back and yelling about how one had bit him.

While Luke celebrated his victory and the others found towels, Jai wandered sadly over to where you were standing with his lip stuck out in a pout. He leaned into you, arms unable to hold you because he was already wrapped up in a towel, so you just pushed back against him. “Do you still love me?” He asked, and it was adorable how genuinely sad he sounded.

“Of course I do.” You laughed lightly. “You got bit by a fucking snake for me.”

He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and you felt him smile against your skin. “I’d get bit by a snake for you anytime.” He mumbled.


“Ladies first, Y/N.” Beau smiled as he picked the first name, gesturing to the gigantic pile of hotdogs sitting on the table, and then he rattled off the order of the others left to go. When Skip had told you what you were doing for daresundays and that he was signing you up whether you liked it or not, you had prepared yourself by not eating anything all day. However, despite your growling stomach, you felt aggressively unhungry as you picked up a hot dog off of the top of the pyramid.

You took a bite anyway. The first hotdog was fine, it was nothing you couldn’t handle, but by the fourth, you were feeling somewhat sick in a way that no amount of ketchup could help with. You groaned through a mouthful and Luke snickered from where he was standing against the wall. “What a lady.” He teased.

“Shut the fuck up, I’ll slap you with this hotdog.” You grumbled, taking a bite out of the one in your hand. It was your sixth, and you forced it down before throwing your hands up. “Six.” You said, defeated, and the others cheered. You immediately went outside in hopes that fresh air would quell your nausea, but that proved not to be the case and you frowned.

A familiar pair of arms wrapped around your body and you smiled a bit, leaning into your boyfriend’s touch. “Way to set the bar, babe.” He praised, and you groaned.

“Don’t squeeze me, I’ll puke.” You murmured, burping as if on cue. He chuckled, loosening his grip on you.

“You’ve got a little something…” He trailed off, and before you could ask what, he was licking your cheek. “There was ketchup. I got it.”

“Daniel!” You giggled, pushing him away and wiping the wet spot on your cheek with your hand. “You’re gross.”

Just then, a retch sounded from inside. “Let’s go see if Jai’ll be able to beat you.” He said, taking you gently by the hand and leading you back inside.


When Beau had convinced you to be a part of daresundays, you were totally ready to kick some butt and win one, but when it was revealed that they were doing the “megaslide challenge,” Beau nearly forced you to sit out.

(“I don’t want you to get hurt; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself,” He told you as he pulled you into a hug, and you rolled your eyes. He was making it sound like you might end up dying when the worst thing you could see happening was maybe a few bad bruises. You let him think that he was doing his duty as a good protective boyfriend though and kept your mouth shut.)

So you were stuck behind the camera as you watched your boyfriend and the rest of the Janoskians compete for the glory and bragging rights of one more win on the record. When it came down to Beau against Daniel, you were unabashedly cheering for him as he slipped around with him.

When Daniel managed to scrambled up the hill before Beau, you let out a boo, and Jai took the camera from your hands. “My boyfriend’s a loser, what’ll I tell my parents?” You yelled up the hill, and Beau laughed.

“Hey guys! We’re daresundays.” You filmed their outro, your giggle sounding in the shot as Luke hit them all in the crotch. While the rest ran down the hill, Beau stood there with his arms open.

“Hey, gimme a hug,” He said with a grin.

“Hell no, get away from me!” You squealed, backing away from him as he advanced. “You’re all soapy.”

“I know, c’mere!” He said, and despite your attempts to get away, his strides were longer and he caught up to you and pulled you into his arms while you laughed breathlessly and tried to wiggle away. When you gave up trying to escape, you rested your head against his shoulder.

“The camera’s still on.” You murmured, and he hummed in acknowledgement. “Do you think this’ll get edited out?”

“Probably not.” He shrugged. And sure enough, when you watched the video after it posted, the video ended with a black screen (because it was squished between you and his chest) and your slightly muffled conversation.


You had been innocently standing by the sidelines of the action as you watched your friends (a) destroy a treadmill, (b) make a total mess, and © almost run out of video ideas. But Luke had the bright idea of pulling you from behind the safety of the camera when Beau brought up the idea of sock wrestling.

So of course after Luke had beaten Jai in the first round, you were set against him. Daniel had taken it upon himself to douse you in water and flour “so you’re just as fucked up” as they were after filming a couple of videos already. You pulled on a sock and took your spot on one side of the mat as Luke took the other.

“Hey babe, if you let me win, I’ll go down on you later.” He said with a sly glint in his eye as if he believed it would actually work.

“You’ll be going down, but not on me.” You smirked, and his mouth turned to a frown.

“3… 2… 1… GO!!”

You went low immediately, because even though Luke is bigger than you, that was the surest way to get him to the ground. He fell down with the help of the slippery mat and landed rather ungracefully on his shoulder, and he let out a groan of pain. You grabbed at his foot while he was stunned and managed to push the sock down to his ankle before he was wriggling around and kicking your hand away.

The others were cheering as you wrestled with your boyfriend, slipping around and trying to get a hold on his sock. Flour and water was way slipperier than you thought it would be, and despite your efforts to stand, you couldn’t get back up on your feed because of the lack of traction and because Luke was grabbing your ankles and pulling you back down.

Before too long, Luke had you pinned face-down on the mat. He was sitting on the back of your hips somewhat gently as not to hurt you but to keep you from wriggling away. “Hey, that’s not fair!” You squealed, trying to kick his hand away.

He pulled your sock off and held it triumphantly in the air while you continued to try and kick at him. When Luke finally got off of you, you stood up carefully to not slip.

Beau and Daniel got put against each other next, and while you helped fill the containers back up with water, Luke smirked and wrapped his arms around your waist. “I’m sorry for sitting on you.” He murmured when you ignored him.

“That wasn’t fair.” You whined. “You cheated.”

“I know, and I’m sorry.” He apologized again, and you were silent as you sulked. “I’ll go down on you still, if you want.”

“You’d better.” 


You lowered into the icy water with a hiss, your breathing starting to shake as the freezing water enveloped your body. As the others sank down into the pool, they let out manly shrieks. You had a good feeling about this challenge, because even though the water was super fucking cold, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

You shifted onto your stomach once Daniel, Luke, and your boyfriend James wimped out and were shivering along with Jai and Beau as you both buckled down to try and get the win.

“My balls are so fucking small right now,” Jai groaned, reaching beneath himself to give his crotch a squeeze under the water. “This is so unfair, you’re a girl, you have nothing that’ll shrivel up.”

“Bitch all you want, Jai You’re the one who asked me to be in this one.” You hissed, focusing on the warm puffs of your breath as you tried to forget the fact that you couldn’t feel your fingers anymore.

Eventually, with a hiss of defeat, Jai jumped out of the water, running to grab a towel, and you let out a sound of triumph, getting out of the ice water with a beaming smile. “YES!!” James shouted. “THAT’S MY GIRL!!” He scooped you up into a hug, spinning you around while you squealed for him to put you down.

“Get a fucking room.” Jai huffed, and the next thing you knew, you were being shoved into the swimming pool. You were shocked at how warm it was, but then again, you had been sitting in ice water for the past several minutes.

You were quick to climb out (because god knows how long it had been since the pool had been cleaned) and grabbed a towel sitting on the ground in an attempt to stop shivering. You smiled to yourself as James grinned up at you from the pool, because holy fuck, you’d won your first daresundays.

8. you walk in on them wanking

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