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Been a while since I prompted wincest so here goes *cracks knuckles* wincest + the morning after a tough hunt?

Dean wakes up to fingers stroking his hair in long, languid movements that nearly put him straight back to sleep.  He flutters on the edge of consciousness, letting out a soft little “muh” that makes Sam laugh right in his ear.  Dean grumbles–he’s fucking exhausted, since they were up most of the night hunting a skinwalker, and the stitches on his collarbone hurt like a bitch.  At least the pain in his knee has faded to a dull throb.  

“S’mmy,” Dean sighs.  He tilts his head up without opening his eyes; finds the spot just under Sam’s chin and buries himself in his brother’s skin.  Sam scratches his scalp, and Dean tries really, really hard not to purr like a fucking cat.  

“You wanna get breakfast?” Sam asks, soft and affectionate like they tend to talk to each other when the other isn’t quite awake yet.  “I can make a run if your knee hurts.” 

“No, stay,” Dean mumbles.  “Inna minute.” Sam laughs again.

“Yeah, okay.” He kisses Dean’s forehead, and breathes a gust of warm air that makes Dean shiver and press closer.  His little brother is so fucking warm all the time, and yeah, that’s Dean’s excuse for clinging like an octopus right now–that, and the pain meds he swallowed a few hours ago.  Sam lets him, probably because he’s always a little shaken after Dean gets hurt.  “You wanna sleep a little longer?” 

“Mmhmm.  Asleep.” 

Sam presses a hard kiss to Dean’s hair, and his hands trail down to rub the back of his neck.  Dean huffs into Sam’s shoulder, and honestly he’s probably going to get drool all over his little brother’s bare skin, but he doesn’t care enough to move.  He falls back to sleep under Sam’s hands, and nothing hurts anymore. 

American Monsters: Skinwalkers

Kind of like werewolves, but not actually werewolves. Kinda like shapeshiftesr, but not actually a shapeshifter. Also kind of like Koh the Face Stealer, from Avatar the Last Airbender, but again not Koh. We’re talking of course about Skinwalkers.

Skinwalkers, like many of the monsters we’ve explored on this blog, have a Native American origin, specifically Navajo. Similar to the more traditional sort of werewolf, many reports of Skinwalkers tend to focus on coyote-like or wolf-like hybrids. However unlike the werewolf, Skinwalkers are not confined to canines. There have been stories of Skinwalkers imitating rams, sheep, bears, foxes, ravens, eagles, owls, crows, and cougars.

Skinwalker origins maintain a striking resemblance to the European tales of werewolves, in that a person or persons discover that they can morph into an animal at night, and their actions as said animal are almost exclusively evil. The major difference between the two, besides that they Skinwalkers have a range of animals to choose from, is that the the curse of a Skinwalker is desired and sought after by some. You don’t just fall into the hands of misfortune and get bitten, you have to want and be willing to perform evil tasks to achieve the form.

There are multiple origins to this sort of legend, ranging from witchcraft, to Skinwalkers being a form of defense again relocation and persecution by European colonists, but the most talked about history of Skinwalkers involves a type of Navajo witch, ánt’įįhnii (pronounced ayee naaldlooshii, not that thats better, or really helps, but its something).

Ánt’įįhnii, which most easily translates to, “with it, he goes on all fours,” is a type of medicine man or priest who’s obtained the supernatural power of transfiguration by breaking a cultural taboo. This taboo could be anything from murder to seduction, or just breaking up a family. Once this dark form of magic is accepted by the person, they are ultimately banished from the tribe for eternity. Again unlike the westernized werewolves, Skinwalkers must physically possess the pelt of the animal they wish to transform into, but they can transform into any animal they wish. Many pelts are forbidden to keep in Navajo tribes because of this reason.

Skinwalkers are described to be hideous hybrids of human and animal, but considered to be extremely powerful. They are fast and agile, and filled with a type of vengeful hatred most people could never understand. Not only mischievous, they’re dangerous and have been known to reek havoc on homes and drivers alike. Skinwalkers have even been known to body-snatch, taking possession of another person’s body if they manage to maintain eye contact for long enough.

In a lot of Navajo stories, Skinwalkers have been tracked down only to reveal the home of a relative. If the Skinwalker is shot, the next day a Navajo will be found with the exact same wound in the exact same place, revealing them as a ánt’įįhnii. The Navajo say that the only way to certainly kill a Skinwalker is with a bullet dipped in white ash.

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“ The dog had the body form of a greyhound, and it was grey, but there was somethhing really wrong with it. It had bloody legs and limped, but it walked more like a person would on feet and hands, its butt was moving to and fro if that makes any sense. When it heard me, it just stopped without turning (something I’ve never known any dog to do.) And finally, it looked over its shoulder at me and this is the freaky part……..this dog was looking at me the way a person does. It had HUGE eyes….way too big for a greyhound, and its teeth were bared like it was considering biting me.”

-redheadedalex (My Skinwalker Encounter)

“A decade ago, when I was about 13, dad got a call from a friend of his. His friend had shot a huge, 8 point white tail buck, and lost it the night before in the woods. The deer was shot with a bow at sunset, and ran into the woods across a road. Dad’s friend called him at 8 at night, and told him he’d need help finding it the next day. Dad asks if I wanna learn about tracking deer. I’m all for it, because hunting is amazing, and off we go the next morning. This is out on Maryland’s eastern shore. Lots of woods, lots of hills, lots of walking. I was tired and trying to retain what these two hunters are telling me, but still having a blast. We found a really long blood trail, fur, the whole thing was fun for me, and my dad.

We’d been out there for maybe an hour or two. I take a break near a small thing of trees that connect to the massive woods where the blood trail went. Dad’s friend goes into the woods, and I’m just looking at the trees, trying to spot a white belly, or part of a rack… Then, I saw something, perched on four limbs.

It was hard to see it, and it’s been about a decade since, but I saw what looked like a fox, with a short muzzle, no tail, and really long limbs. Like, deer length, deer thin limbs. It’s just standing there, maybe 20 yards from me. I can’t tell what it is, or what color, I just know it’s strange looking and it’s not moving.

That’s not the weird part. That thing kinda just… loped away. Like, those cat videos where the cat is scared, lifts its front feet off the ground, and runs off on its back legs? Like that, only it held its front legs higher, and it ran like that was the way it had run its entire life. Like that was natural for it to do. Hunched and hurried, but not wobbly.I only saw it for a few seconds. Dad scared the shit out of me by shouting about the 8 pointer being found. I told dad I saw a weird animal. He said it may have been a fox. I told him about the legs being weird and long. He gave me ‘the look’. The look that says stop making shit up. I got that look a lot.

Well, I learned how to gut, drag, and track a deer that day. We took a trip to the butcher, I got to watch them begin processing, and that was that. As for what I saw? I’ve always had a big imagination. I could have just been sleep deprived, because 6am on a Saturday at 13 years old is bullshit. Maybe it was just a fox that moved weird. Maybe it was a deer with a messed up head. I don’t know. I only saw it for a few seconds.

But what I do know is that deer and foxes don’t run on their back legs.”

-Evilblackbunny (Redditors who have seen a UFO, Bigfoot or any other mythological creature. What is your story and how did the people you know react to your story?)

“I had a Geology professor in college who had studied with a group of students in Utah out in some remote areas. He had heard the stories about skinwalkers but hadn’t taken them seriously. That was until he experienced some freaky stuff for himself.

He said one night they were sitting around the fire about a football field away from a large rock structure. Suddenly they all heard voices from up on the rocks. Like dozens of people chatting, singing, dancing…etc. They thought it strange that campers would suddenly appear and be so loud. Then they heard the noises coming down from the rocks and closer and closer to them. Audibly they were voices. As they got closer the voices turned into coyotes yapping, they saw the glow of their eyes then they ran off into the plains.”

By: VeniVidiFishie (What paranormal experiences have you actually had that you cannot explain?)

“I never tell this story because of what I want others to believe about me, and because it truly scares me. In fact, it scares me more than anything else in my life. More than my rational fears, more than any real risk. This is the most terrifying experience of my life.

It was 2008. I was recently married and my wife and I had driven to Vegas from Flagstaff for dinner. After an evening there we were driving back because we had no money for a hotel. I hadn’t been drinking, I was of a stable mind. It was late and I was a bit tired but I was young and had some coffee. It after midnight, and lightly snowing. My wife was asleep next to me as I drove, and I was listening to some AM country music. I like drives like that, I just relax and think.

I don’t believe in the supernatural. Even when I was a Christian I was never very into the ethereal world, of angels and demons and ghosts. I never felt very “spiritual”.

But as I drove along, on this empty road, I though I heard my wife say something. I looked at her, and she was asleep, but I looked through her window and saw something running next to my car.

He was about the height of the truck, maybe a little taller. He ran full speed. He had long dark hair and piercing eyes, and a nose like a muzzle but to a point, like a coyote. He had a beaded shirt, with beads that made a shallow V across his chest. His arms were scrawny and face sunken, and hairy. As he ran, he turned to me and bared his teeth.

I immediately lost all breath from my lungs and was frozen. I gripped the wheel to control the vehicle and turned away from him and looked back. He was losing lateral distance from the vehicle but still keeping pace. I turned back to the road and hit the gas.

I looked over again and he was gone. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw nothing in the road. Nothing ahead. I sat frozen holding the wheel and speeding down the road. I hadn’t made a noise, my wife hadn’t woken up. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t stop the rest of the way either.When I got to flagstaff I woke my wife and we went to bed but I could not sleep. Even as I write this I have a terrible feeling of dread. I’ve spent tons of time in the desert, in the forest, camping, hiking. I feel fine at night in a cemetery, I have seen flying objects and assumed a logical reason for them. But I have no explanation for what happened that night. I saw that. It happened. Maybe I fell asleep, maybe it was a dream, but I don’t personally believe it. That thing was there.

Years later I recounted this story to someone who lived in the area, who is a native. They told me that what I saw was a skinwalker, and it made sense. Right now I’m afraid, a grown man can be drawn close to tears from this. I don’t believe in gods, I don’t believe in angels or ghosts… But I believe in skinwalkers.”

By: NachiseThrowaway (What is the creepiest, scariest, strangest unexplained experience/ story you’ve had, heard or know?)

“Nothing too crazy, but…Camping in the desert in Utah. I was a wilderness guide and lived out of my truck, so camped nearly every night, so totally used to weird noises, twigs cracking, whatever. But one night it was extremely calm and quiet, just a weird vibe in the air. A couple friends and I were on BLM land in Utah near Moab, and we had just put out the fire and laid our bags out. Just as I was starting to fade out, something grabbed me by my wrists and jerked my arms straight up into the air. I sat up immediately and two of my friends bolted up at the same time. We all had it happen to us, and we couldn’t explain it. Nothing else happened, but still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I think about it…” 

[Another user mentions skinwalkers, and OP says his friend has a story about one, which he tells below]

“Haha, alright. The one that stands out the most comes from a close friend. Take it for what it’s worth, this didn’t happen to me but a very close friend of mine. I’ve heard a lot about coyotes and skinwalkers, and had a weird experience or two with coyotes (creepiest was waking up to my sleeping bag being surrounded in paw prints without ever hearing them during the night) but never anything paranormal so to speak. Patrick’s story, however, kept me from going back to a favorite backcountry secret stash.

He was leaving the area one morning, had been camping there a couple days and said there was a coyote that always seemed to be close by, like in his peripheral vision but never overt. He loaded up his truck and started to drive down the wash out to the fire road. At the end of the wash, he could see the coyote following him. When he pulled onto the road, it was running next to him. Now he was freaked out, so he sped up. He said he was going 35 or so, and it was running along beside him. Definitely not possible. When he looked back, the coyote was running on two legs and was wearing what Patrick said looked like buckskin pants. An instant later, it was a person wearing a coyote fur keeping pace with his truck. When he looked again… It was gone.

We never went back to the grove after that. Too freaky.”

Both stories by: HeyJohnnyUtah (What paranormal experiences have you actually had that you cannot explain?)

Talking about Kira, what is happening with her is really reminds me what is happening with the chimera inside of the Beast. And also something about what Gerard said.

First of all she didn’t remember what she was doing, and what is happening with her - you could call it her personality is kind of disappearing underneath the fox spirit.
She is the only one from the pack who remembered the Doctors did something to her after reading the book.  And this was hardly an accidental coincidence.

The second - it’s something that Chris and Gerard said is weirdly connects to Kira’s story.
- How do we stop it?
- As far as legend goes, the only weapon that proved effective was a simple spear in the hands of a young woman.
- The Maid of Gevaudan.

On Teen Wolf it’s very possible the story will repeat. And who we saw with the spears? The Skinwalkers using the spears and we saw this happened with Kira

We also know they will be at Beacon Hills too, and we saw bts pic with them at the tunnels. Maybe means nothing, maybe just bts pic taken on the cool set, but it looks like they are probably gonna hunting Kira or the Beast in these tunnels. Maybe not at all of course. (And oh, look, it’s ‘Sydney’ - Tom Andrew’s kid who posted this pic, lol)

So what’s this all about? I can’t see Skinwalkers being the new maids of gevaudan and Kira being the Beast but this is just weird. (It’s also would be very weird to me if all of this is about Scott and the parallel to him.)

Note to myself. Don’t forget about The Hellhound’s and The Beast’s the “clash of titans,” btw.