Take the guesswork out of finding your ideal lip shade. These clever formulas are spiked with ingredients that intuitively adapt to the chemical properties of your skin, causing an instant tinted reaction. Simply swipe on the color and watch as it self-adjusts to complement your individual one-in-a-million tone. Who knew science could be so glamorous?

Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint
A subtle hint of secret rose.

A pretty pink hue that’s all about you.

Dior Addict Lip Glow
A sheer trace to enhance your natural lip color.

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm in ROSY Glow
A flush of personal blush for lips and cheeks.

Sephora Collection / Color Reveal Lip Balm in Unique Pink

Tarte / LipSurgence™ Skintuitive Lip Tint

Dior / Dior Addict Lip Glow

Givenchy / Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm

Make Up Monday: Review: Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint

I am a girl who loves to reapply my lip products throughout the day. I am also a girl who rarely carries a mirror around with her, so I need a low maintenance lip product to carry around with me. The Tarte LipSurgences are just the thing for this.

This was the first Tarte product I had ever tried and I bought it in a sample pack from Sephora that included a blush and an oil. It is a miniature chubby stick pencil that is a light pink colour. It smells minty, like most other chubby pencils. I was excited to try this, until I swatched it.

When swatched, this product shows up clear. The claim is that it is supposed to adjust to your perfect pink colour depending on your ‘natural pH’. Here are the claims from the Sephora website 

“Like all LipSurgence™ lip tints, this one combines pure color with natural moisturizers and glides on smooth for a sheer finish. The ethereal hue complements every skintone to deliver a natural-looking glow and brighter complexion—customized just for you! The skintuitive™ formula responds to your skin’s natural pH and energy, giving you a personalized tint that is truly your own unique shade of pink. Bonus: you can bump up the intensity of the color with an extra swipe.”

I found this product to be a little hit or miss for me. I really liked the small size that the sample came in because it was easy to throw into my school bag and take out when I needed to reapply. The formula was moisturizing and soft on the lips. I also really like chubby pencils because I feel that they are easy to apply on the go, which is nice.

The one thing I was disappointed with was the colour it gave off. When I would apply it for the first time of the day, there was no colour on my lips, only a subtle sheen. The product just didn’t seem to turn pink on my lips. When I reapplied, the colour would turn a dark magenta colour, which looked natural and stained my lips. 

Above is a picture of me with the product on. The colour was very nice but a little bit patchy so I would suggest either wearing a lip balm underneath or exfoliating your lips the night before if you have dry lips.

One thing I HATED about this product was that it was so hard to take off. It would also gather on the inside of my mouth and almost stain it throughout the day, which was not a look I was going for. This can be seen in the picture below. 

As you can tell, the inside of my lips are a lot darker than the outside. Because the product stained, it would often dry out my lips if I did not reapply the product or wear a gloss or lip balm over top.

Overall, I would try the LipSurgences by Tarte again, but not this specific one. I give it a grade of a C.

You can purchase Tarte Cosmetics at Sephora in Canada or at This product has a retail price of $29.00.

A simple smokey eye with a light lip and a fresh face! Needed to give my skin a break from heavy foundations so I only used my @dior CC primer and a tiny bit of @tartecosmetics fair bb cream. Loving my new @dior eyeshadow palette!! The colors are so gorgeous and the next look I use will definitely be a little bolder😉- using my new @chanelofficial fall collection eyeliner in a nice copper tone. Loving @tartecosmetics skintuitive lip color; it matches the PH balance in your lips to create a custom color- super cool technology!! #chanel #dior #chaneladdict #diorlady #toofaced #tarte #toofacedaddict #tartelette #motd #mua #mualife #artistlife #makeupartist #makeup #makeuplove #makeupfreak #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeupcrazy #beauty #beautybabe #beautygirl #beautyqueen #bblogger #cosmetics #lips #eyes #liner #lashes
Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss – Natural Health News

I eagerly cashed in for money my Sephora focuses for a deluxe sample when I saw the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss. It’s one of those pH-receptive/modified pink items in the same vein as Dior Lip Glow, which you know I’m about.
Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss – Natural Health News

Spring just appears to require another lipgloss, is not that right? It you are prowl around for another lippie, make a point to look at the new Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss. The most recent Expressions Lip Gloss line is a flawless lip gleam that offers a decent adjusts of regular tint and hydration, and some bravo lips fixings.