Take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again

Fly me up on a silver wing
Past the black where the sirens sing
Warm me up in a nova’s glow
And drop me down to the dream below

‘Cause I’m only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see

For you to see

Linkin Park - Castle of Glass

Human-Peter Hale

Request: Can you make a Peter imagine with the song Human ? It’s sang by Gabrielle Aplin. It can be anything. Thank you 


Show me that you’re human, you won’t break
Like a thief in the light, you can’t hide, you can’t hide from your shadow
It’s the only thing you own
And you don’t need to pretend that perfection is your friend
‘Cause we’re all broken.
We all end up alone

Show me that you’re human, you won’t break
Oh love your flaws and live for your mistakes
Beauty’s on the surface wearing thin
Come closer show the marks upon your skin
Show me that you’re human
Show me that you’re human

You’re a spark without flame
I’m a desert in the rain,
You’re a mountain and I’m a stepping stone
So walk away from your pride
It’s a demon is disguise
And it won’t help you to calm the swelling tide

You loved Peter Hale. You’d always love Peter Hale. No matter what he did, you had sworn you’d love him. You knew he would never love you back. He couldn’t. he had denied himself that emotion a long time ago.

There were times where he showed sparks of it. Like when he’d gaze at your direction or when without needing an explanation he’d come and stand closer to you. You wondered if he even knew he did these things. But most of the times, as soon as you’d see that spark in his eyes it’d disappear and it killed it cause you wanted to be the one to turn that spark into flames.

These thoughts were flooding your head making you forget your current state.

‘’If we die..i swear I’ll kill you’’ Stiles said to Scott.

‘’that doesn’t even make sense’’ Scott mumbled and then breathed heavily trying to deal with the pain.

Stiles, Scott, Kira, Malia and you were all tied up by a big family of wendigos

They had explain to you something about a tradition with them eating supernatural creatures once a month or something. But Stiles, being human was extra worried. Because before they sprayed you with wolfsbane they told him that being human classified him as the starter.

‘’being eaten is not how I’ll die. I refuse to’’ Lydia said.

‘’look, I already howled. Derek is probably on his way…i don’t know what else to do..’’ Scott answered,

‘’Even if he gets here, they’ll just spray him like us and he won’t be much help then’’ Malia said.

‘’I know we can’t shift, but Lydia your manicure is long enough…maybe you could…untie these..?’’ you suggested and Lydia looked at Kira who was tied next to her.

‘’is she joking ?’’

You sighed contemplating the fact that you were indeed going to die.

‘’ Guys I think I have a plan…’’ Stiles exclaimed.

You all paused waiting for him to explain.

‘’we let them take us to eat us..-

‘’great plan I love it !’’ Scott told him

‘’I wasn’t finished, We let them take us to eat us. they said it’s a tradition right ? Once every two full moons. Big heist and all. When they take us from here they’re gonna have to untie us. maybe the place they’ll take us won’t have any wolfsbane in the atmosphere maybe we can attack them then’’ he suggested.

‘’ this plan has a lot of maybes..’’ Lydia said.

‘’I hope Derek gets here…’’ Kira whispered,

‘’But what If he comes too late?’’ you asked and cursed under your breath because just when you said that the wendigos entered the room half shifted staring at you in the worst way possible.

‘’maybe you could drool less…i mean it’s offending…’’ you said and one of them chuckled.

‘’Mom can I have this one ?’’ he asked the mother and she smirked. You looked at him standing right in front of you and spit in his face.

He suddenly flashed you his teeth and placed his hands on your neck.

‘’leave her alone’’ Malia defended you.

The wendigos approached all of you and before untying you like Stiles had predicted they sprayed you with more wolfsbane causing all of you except Stiles to faint. When they remembered wolfsbane was not going to work on him, they punched him.

You woke up perhaps an hour later on what seemed like a huge platform made out of a weird stone. You were all somewhere in the outside. In the woods, There was this huge dark blue-grey sort of platform ,and other stone remains spread around. You felt the full moon but it hurt due to the wolfsbane. The wendigos were sharpening the weapons they were going to use to slice you open. You looked around to slowly see the rest waking up.

They approached you and took a good look of you all, finally grabbing Stiles from his legs and his hands.,

‘’LET HIM GO!’’ Malia yelled

‘’Stiles !’’ Scott shouted at them.

They placed him on another sort of stone thing and one of them grabbed one of the very sharp weapons attempting to slice him open in front of your eyes.

‘’NOO !’’ Lydia yelled and you shut your eyes refusing to see what was going to happen. But you opened them when you smelled something…or rather someone.

You saw Derek from afar, running. He jumped higher than you have ever seen him jumping and shifted in mid air landing with two feet on the stone that Stiles was on, causing the Wendigos to pull back in surprise. Derek looked at Scott with his blue eyes.

‘’you called ?’’ he asked and turned to growl to the wendigos, dropping on the floor.

‘’ I told you to appear after they had killed Stilinksi’’ Peter said casually walking into the battle field. Part of you knew he was being sarcastic, and another part of you knew he meant it. Peter would never just help. He always had a motive, You knew that. Everytime you saw him you awaited for his betrayal. Yet you still smiled at the sight of him.

Him and Derek started fighting the wendigos, marking their skin with their claws, blood being spread all over.

‘’let us help’’ You cried calling for Derek and Peter to untie you all so that you could help. Derek pushed the one he was currently fighting and started walking in your direction to set you free, but then the strangest thing happened causing both you and the wendigo family to stare.

Peter, that had his claws in the kid that had taken a liking into you, threw the body onto Derek causing him to drop to the ground before he could reach you. He then run next to him while pushing aside two wendigos, one to the left and one to the right. He kneeled down and created a circle from mountain ash around Derek,

‘’sorry nephew’’ he mumbled. One of the wendigos tried to attack him from behind but he toshed the rest of the mountain ash in the air and onto the wendigo causing it to drop. The then stepped on it as if it weren’t there.

‘’PETER !’’ Scott yelled.

‘’You asshole’’ Lydia said.

‘’What are you doing ?’’ Malia asked.

Peter turned to her.

‘’honey, one day you’ll thank me for that’’ he said and twisted the last’s wendigo’s neck as if it was nothing. He had grown stronger…a lot stronger.

You tried thinking of what he could be possibly doing, but when he approached you and Sprayed Scott with wolfsbane again it hit you.

This was exactly what he wanted,

It might not have been his plan but it turned out perfectly for him.

What he always wanted.

Derek was unconscious and trapped, and so were the rest of you, Stiles was chained up in a rock but even if he wasn’t he would not be that much of a threat, and Peter could finally get what he wished for.

He untied Scott.

‘’WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? LET HIM GO !’’ Stiles yelled.

‘’PETER !’’ Kira yelled as well. All of you were weak. Vulnerable compared to him. Peter forced Scott’s struggling body to fall to his knees. He closed his eyes and felt the full moon on his skin. Highliting his face and then he opened his eyes, Eyes full of lust for power. It seemed as if there was no trace of humanity left in Peter.

‘’Peter don’t !’’ you said,

‘’STOP!’’ Malia cried.

‘’this…this belongs to us..the power…i can feel it in my veins. Talia knew that. She knew I’d get what I deserve.’’

Peter whispered feeling the moon.

Then everything froze.

Time went still.

The air stopped blowing, and everyone stopped breathing.

You looked at Stiles with tears in his eyes, struggling to break the chains, moving his hands and legs, You saw Kira sobbing , Malia trying to shift, Lydia yelling in silence. How was one person capable of causing all that ? How heartless did he have to be to want to cause all that. And then you realized. Not one bit. Peter Hale had a heart somewhere in there and if you could just reach it.

He lifted his hand with his claws aiming at Scott as they shinned in the moonlight.

‘’They tried to burn you like a monster…so a monster you became’’ You whispered in realization turning to look up at him.

He was still looking at Scott but now he too had paused. His hand in mid-air as he seemed lost in his thoughts due to your words.

‘’but you weren’t like this. Not always. You were an uncle, you had a family until someone took them from you..’ you whispered.

Peter’s head was filled with images from the fire, Hands through windows begging for help, the endless cries, the sound of heartbeats stopping one after the other like a domino. Hearts of loved ones. His loved ones.

‘’I know what you’re thinking Peter. I know what you’re really thinking. The deep thoughts the ones you try to ignore. Those that come when you’re not thinking of revenge, and power. The pain. Not the pain of losing your family. The pain of being left behind.’’ You said.

Images of him in a comma, lost in his endless thoughts flashed before Peter’s eyes. he felt a pain in his chest. One he hadn’t felt in ages.  No muscle of his body was moving. He was strong enough to not let it show.

‘’I can’t imagine what that is like. Losing everyone you love in that horrible way.’’ You breathed out. Peter snapped his head at you.

‘’horrible ? Horrible ? Do you know what is like Do you even have the slightest idea of how it feels to be able to hear the sound of their nails scratching the floor in pain breaking as they do so, or be able to smell burning flesh and knowing these are the people you love ? People you will never see again.Never hear them again. Permanently gone. And you’re-

‘’you’re there…feeling useless, Part of you wants to escape and run away and another part of you wants to jump back into those flames and die with them. Peter I can’t ever antagonize the pain you have felt, but you don’t need to cause any more.’’ You continued his phrase.

‘’I am doing this to protect my family !’’ he yelled in your face, showing off his teeth.

‘’This is your family Peter. Scott’s parts of it. ‘’ you whispered.

‘’You think you can prevent yourself from feeling anything at all ? You’re not a machine Peter’re human’’

‘’I’m a monster with a purpose.’’ He announced and walked back to Scott’s body.

‘’You think because you can grow fangs and hair and claws you’re a monster? Let me tell you something you nonchalant idiot. As long as that thing in your chest close to your lungs beats, you’re human. ‘’ You said your voice cracking He stopped with his back turned to you.

‘’I don’t need your opinion Y/N. I’m an alpha I can’t afford your opinion’’ he said smiling.

‘’you’re not an alpha yet.’’ You smiled. You could hear his heart. The one he always ignored.

‘’Look at me Peter. ‘’ you demanded and he turned to do as instructed.

‘’I know that somewhere in you there’s the man that didn’t have a choice. That couldn’t save his own family. Look around you Peter. Now you have a choice. Make the right one.’’ You said tears in your eyes and he suddenly raised his hand with sharp claws in the air. You did not shut your eyes. Your heart beat did not change. You had accepted that you were going to die, hoping that maybe your death would prevent Scott’s.

You heard his hand coming down and his claws entering something. But it wasn’t your skin. It was the lock of the chains that held you.  You looked up into his eyes to see that the spark had finally ignited turning into flames into his cores.

As soon as you could  move your hands, he turned to leave. He walked passed Scott and kept walking.

‘’Peter!!!’’ you yelled and he stopped but he did not turn.

‘’for what it’s worth…’’ you tried to control the sound of your voice.

‘’…thank you..’’ you whispered, You felt his shoulders becoming stiif, his fists clenching . His body saying all the things he could never say.

Saying you’re welcome. Saying I’m sorry. Not only to you. But also to his family. To those he lost and to those he would lose. To the pain he had known and the one that was yet to come.  

Life is a path we all have to walk. For some of us , that path is paved with gold. For Peter Hale it was paved with hurt loss and confusion.

But on that night, he chose to walk it . He chose to endure. all that had been thrown upon him and all that  he had caused. His heart was reached because a stupid little girl believed and saw something in him. She saw humanity and she challenged him to show it her.

No one ever said it was going to be easy. But her words gave him a promise.

It was going to be worth it.

Take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again

Fly me up on a silver wing
Past the black where the sirens sing
Warm me up in the nova’s glow
And drop me down to the dream below

‘Cause I’m only a crack
In this castle of glass

©  Takaya Kagami & Yamato Yamamoto  - Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

© Shinoa Hiragi coloring by me~

© Linkin Park - Castle of Glass