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The most common fatal illnesses are cancer and cardiovascular disease. While many of these illnesses have genetic links, they can also be prevented with pro-active preventative practices such as: yearly checkups, a healthy balanced diet, and regular exercise.

Melanoma is the fastest growing and the most frequent cancer among women 20-29 years old. Early detection of moles significantly reduce the chance of skin cancer. With early-diagnosed melanoma, the chances of surviving are over 95%, while late-diagnosis survival rates can be as low as 3%. In cancers with high incidence and high mortality, early detection is crucial and it can be successfully achieved when it comes to melanoma. 

We believe that nobody should die from melanoma.

We’re on a mission to bend reality and build a new future in providing solutions for screening and monitoring melanoma and other skin cancers.

skinScan app analyzes your moles, tracks their changes, and connects you with dermatologists to get a professional opinion.