Triss Commiss!~

Haven’t done this in a while but I feel like this is a better time than any to open it up. Yes, I do Commissions so you’re free to come and ask me if you’d like some art from me. 

I’m also becoming a Society6 member; where I’ll be able to sell my prints and make merchandise based of my OC or my HunterxCraft AU!(I got some good reviews about this AU!)

Things I’ll be selling:
Throw Pillows
iPhone and iPod skins
Art Prints

I want to be able to sell a lot of other things thanks to some friends of mine but for now, I’m taking small steps. 

Anyways, to the most important part. My prices. For now I’m just limiting myself to reasonable prices I’ve calculated (sorry for sounding nerdy) and these are the ones I’ve came up with:


$40-35: A large full body print and matching background (100% detailed)

$25: A full body print with basic background (75% detailed)

$20-15: A full or upper body drawing with simple background (50% detailed)

$10: An upper body or head drawing with no background(25% detailed)
*Your choice for transparency*

To contact me, you can just message me on my main blog or email me at . You can also refer to this list on my commission page if you need it

Thanks for reading and I’ll be waiting for your orders!~