skins: season 2


Supergirl season 2  soundtrack is out! And here is the soundtrack title list:

  1. Superman
  2. Famous Cousins Working Together
  3. First Day as a Reporter
  4. Goodbye to Cat
  5. Fighting Fire with Fire
  6. Cage Fighting Aliens
  7. Mon-El’s First Day as an Intern
  8. Always a Sidekick
  9. Roulette / Thing from Another Planet
  10. Guardian
  11. Alex Tells Maggie
  12. Virus Threat
  13. Sense About Her
  14. Star-Crossed Martians
  15. Mind Meld
  16. The Luthors
  17. Mxyzpltk
  18. Duel with Mxyzpltk
  19. Cadmus
  20. All I Thought About
  21. Saving Her Sister and the Ark
  22. Mon-El’s True History
  23. Why Are You Doing This?
  24. Almost Losing Alex
  25. Jimmy Bonds with Marcus
  26. Daxamites Invade
  27. Forcing a Marriage
  28. Fighting Superman
  29. Releasing the Lead / Mon-El Says Goodbye
  30. I Am So Proud of You
  31. Thirty Five Years Ago

You can buy it on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Also, you can stream it on Spotify


Exclusive video from The Wrap

“Relationships build and change” in the second season of Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack,” star Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi).

Meanwhile, actress Lauren Tom (Celia) adds, “There’s going to be a lot of transitions for a lot of the characters.”


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