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UMMM... A ★ for each of your DA girls. All of them. Gimme.

it’s a good thing i left the ask for this morning. χριστέ μου, girl.

 [ ★ ] Lyna learns her father’s name only after she becomes sixteen. Ghilanhim. she says it to herself a lot, trying to imagine what kind of a person he was. her mother’s comes later. Irida. she doesn’t say that one as often.

[ ★ ] Aisling has very bad misophonia, and the sound of someone chewing with their mouth open sends her into a white-hot rage almost instantly (at least internally, she’s good about keeping it hidden). she must absolutely have quiet when she’s working, or she will become very, very irritated.

[ ★ ] Nehn has some white patches on her knuckles that are scars from when she threw her first punch. she was understandably sloppy and the skin split open across all her knuckles and she dislocated a finger. she did, however, break the nose of the person she was punching, so she didn’t put it down as a complete failure.

[ ★ ] Adrian is super ticklish behind the knees and Zevran makes her life hell when he figures it out.

[ ★ ] Penny loves lavender syrup and always puts it in her tea if it’s available. and on her cakes. and… on anything that will match it.

[ ★ ] Caerwyn is surprisingly good at chess. she appreciates being able to fight and use her wits without actually shedding blood.

[ ★ ] Una’s first, last, and very dangerous stint with blood magic left her with a bit of instability. her magic reacts very strongly to her emotions; her mana fluctuates and causes things to happen when she’s distressed to the point of hysteria, and in the years after the disaster at Kirkwall, she isolates herself as much as possible because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

[ ★ ] Ethena can walk without her cane-slash-staff, but she’s self-conscious about the uneven gait she has without it. she’s used to it enough that being deprived of it makes her tired, since she’s not familiar with moving around minus its help. she is, however, unable to break into a full run. she’d probably trip and fall. nonetheless, she does stretches and exercises to keep both legs healthy, and she doesn’t hold back from long walks or hikes.

[ ★ ] Etaine doesn’t remember her other siblings and doesn’t care. she doesn’t particularly want to reunite with them, and only really has vague, fond memories of her mother. she reacts with disinterest when she meets her older brother and hasn’t attempted to stay in touch.

[ ★ ] Helena’s libido could match Nehn’s, but no one would ever guess just by making her acquaintance. she’s the most shut-down person of the entire lot, and you can’t get any answers out of her about her personal life or lack thereof, so it’s rather pointless to try.