Elvis Harte

As a Special Forces operative, the cheeky chappy Londoner, Elvis is fearless, impulsive, self-confident, determined and cool under pressure.  

He is a remarkable leader, brave and heroic. He had always wanted to be part of Special Forces, ever since the day he joined the army and after a number of tours he decided to attempt the SAS selection. As expected it was an arduous and grueling experience but he passed and has been part of the elite force ever since.

Elvis has worked on both covert and overt operations including counter terrorism and drug operations in the Middle East and Far East, in Afghanistan and more recently in Syria.

Having broken Georgie’s heart, he’s pretty determined to make amends and be the one she chooses.


A friend asked me to do an edit for their fanpage…and yeah it got a little carried away from the original simple request wherein she had sent me the bottom two pics and asked if I could do something with them.  Seriously don’t give me creative license, as an artist professionally I will go to town on such freedom lol