I think i got the super bingo this time, if only i could do that on granblue :^)

and i must admit it’s been a week or two that i wanted to create new things/girls so i got pretty much all out on those two last pics, feels good though

Also, glasses doesn’t make you look smarter, they make you look sexier \o/


3 days of working out and Jay Park produced chocolate abs. how. #plusdattonguetho Plus he documented it all on instagram.#fitspo

Continuation from his Day 1….  

Post Day 2 gym, in-bed crooning….

Fail lipsynch…xD eventho it’s his own song haha…

Day 3 Gym….Same shit different day…. for someone new to instastory he’s got a nice running theme going on haha…

A video posted by Jay Park 박재범 (@jparkitrighthere) on Aug 31, 2016 at 4:16pm PDT

The fruits of his labour….or rather the chocolates of his grind…

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