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aninjapagli asked:

Hey John, my name is Aarthi, and I was at your reading at the Strand (it was great, by the way). Given that there are so many of them and they only know you through your music and it's difficult to meaningfully connect with everyone individually, what's your goal when interacting with fans? Many thanks, and have a nice day.

I don’t have a personal goal in this – people want things signed and to say “hi,” and it’s no skin off my nose to sign things and say “hi” back – so I guess I do have a goal, which is “to be of service,” which as a guy with heavy ex-nurse tendencies is an honor for me. 

rawasmhd asked:

Do you believe that "a Gandhi " could have stopped the Nazis from killing the 6 million? What I'm trying to state is that,don't you think that justice can also be brought about by offense . Such ignorance should be dealt strong and sharp.

If a genocide must be stopped by military force then so be it. I am not a pacifist. 

But when it comes to ignorance, even with respect to the Nazis, I am of the “hate the sin not the sinner” mentality. 

I am from a Jewish family. I have relatives that died in the Holocaust. However, I don’t view anyone, even Hitler, as inherently evil. The Nazis thought themselves different than others, than Jews and homosexuals and people of different skin color. The more we know and define each other by our differences, the less we actually understand each other. 

This even goes for calling others “ignorant.” Someone who is ignorant is like someone who is sick. They need healing and they also need to be prevented from spreading the sickness. But they are not different from you and me. And we too have our own forms of ignorance, big and small.

In the end, you cannot harm another living being if you know you are not separate from them. Even I feel uncomfortable when killing an insect indoors. Usually I try to take it outside and set it free. It’s not so much a moral thing as it is being aware that an insect is just as conscious and alive as I am. The same goes for all humans, even Nazis or Islamic State murderers. 

However, that doesn’t mean we can afford to allow such unnecessary violence in the world to continue. In the short term, we might use physical force and military application to end the current circumstances of unjust terror and killing. Yet in the long term, if we wish to end the arising of new forms of violence and ignorance, we must also learn to cultivate peace, love, and understanding within. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste :)

harry is just …….. his skin is literally sun kissed … and sometimes it shines ….. his hair is so long ….. and curls at the ends …. i wanna touch it and make him purr ……. he uses his whole face to smile ……. his eyes crinkle at the corners …….. he makes two holes in his cheeks … that we call dimples …… he is so weird …… but also very funny ….. his hands and legs are huge …… but his heart is bigger …….. and he hugs very tightly …….. his arms involving your whole body ……… and he whispers nice things …….. do i have to talk about his voice ……. no i don’t everyone knows ……. he is so kind …… i just love harry styles so much ….. everyone should love harry styles and treat him nicely ….. lets all protect harry styles

Missing you

I am still kissing you,
In the early morning sun,
In the comfort of your arms,
In the warmth of our bed.

I cannot stop wishing for you,
For your eyes drinking me in,
For your hand holding mine,
For your lips on my skin.

I am missing you,
Your arms as my safety,
Your words as my strength,
Your love as my home.

I am loving you,
With every breath,
With every thought,
Of everyday…

With my whole heart.